Downtown Yogi of the Month: Rachel Gruenke

Almost two years ago, I started becoming interested in yoga more seriously and decided I wanted to join a studio. I tried out several of the yoga studios in Madison, but once I found Dfly, I was hooked. The community of Dfly is so welcoming, and I immediately felt at home in the studio. I’ve been a member ever since.

I found yoga after trying some classes offered through the UW-Madison gyms when I was a freshman. I instantly loved yoga, but I found many downsides to practicing yoga in that setting. I was only going about once every two weeks, it wasn’t hot in the room, and the classes didn’t explore as many different poses and sequences. Becoming a member of Dfly allowed me to start practicing regularly with teachers who know and teach yoga really well.
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Middleton Yogis of the Month: Mark & Alice Udvari-Solner


Mark and I (Alice) came to Dragonfly to find our own practice and intention. Sometimes those elements intersect and sometimes they don’t. This resembles a life of 32 years together. Once we were inseparable. We are now more realistic about who we are individually and collectively. The beautiful thing about Dragonfly is that it fosters us as individuals seeking our own experience in each session but also allows us to have a shared experience as long-term partners.
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