Middleton Yogis of the Month: Mark & Alice Udvari-Solner | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Middleton Yogis of the Month: Mark & Alice Udvari-Solner


Mark and I (Alice) came to Dragonfly to find our own practice and intention. Sometimes those elements intersect and sometimes they don’t. This resembles a life of 32 years together. Once we were inseparable. We are now more realistic about who we are individually and collectively. The beautiful thing about Dragonfly is that it fosters us as individuals seeking our own experience in each session but also allows us to have a shared experience as long-term partners.

We set aside dedicated time to come to Dragonfly that allows us to be away from the daily grind of raising children, working in our professions, and move a bit beyond the expectations of others.

Dragonfly brings us back to the beginning, the source, breath and life – We have come back to the beginning of our connection as a couple before life and its demands changed us.

Instructor Joe Beaudoin: “Mark and Alice demonstrate characteristics you really hope for in a student, as an instructor. Alice’s positive attitude is infectious and inspiring, and Mark has a will to center himself that runs deep. These two are exemplary yogis; I’m proud to have shared with them in their journey.”