New Student Guide | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

New Student Guide

Not sure where to begin? Contact our Yoga Advisor for personal guidance!

Before Class

Please try to show up 10 minutes before class.  If you are running late, please call the studio to let us know (608-203-9000) so we don’t give your reserved spot to someone else.

Eating & Drinking For your first class, try not to eat right before class.  In fact, try to eat a light meal 2-3 hours before class.  Food left in your stomach can make some people nauseous during class.  We find that fruit works well since it digests quickly. Make sure you drink plenty of water before class. These are all just guidelines, as you get to know your body better, you will find what works for you!

What to Wear Wear light, dry-weave fabrics and non-restrictive clothing. It is hot in there.  You are going to sweat a lot. The most common attire for women is yoga pants or shorts and a tank top.  Most clothing designed for yoga is NOT designed for hot yoga.  If you can’t find clothing for hot yoga, try clothing designed for runners.  Men usually wear shorts.  Some wear t-shirts in the beginning. Try runner’s shorts or swim trunks to start.  Try to stay away from cotton as it retains moisture and will weigh a few pounds by the end of class!

What to Bring Bring your mat, a towel long enough to cover your mat, and some water, all of which are available for rent at our front desk.  You may also wish to bring a hand towel.

What Class to Take

At Dragonfly, we like to emphasize that our classes are for ALL LEVELS (you just go at your own pace).  That said, if you are brand-new to yoga, we suggest starting out with our Yin or Slow Flow classes.  We also recommend taking any of our Intro classes or workshops when they are available.

If you would like more guidance, contact one of our Yoga Advisors! They would love to help you pick a class, give advice and listen to your feedback.

Listening to your body during practice

It is very important to keep yourself safe. It is your responsibility to pull out of a posture that does not feel right for your body. Our teachers are highly trained, and they do their best to keep everyone safe, but teachers cannot know everything that is going on in your body, nor can they feel what you feel. Pain is an indicator that you have gone too far. Please honor your body.  If you need a rest, you may stop and rest. You are your own best teacher, heed your body’s warnings, and stop. The purpose of Yoga is to nourish and nurture; take care of you.

Is Hot Yoga For Me?

The owner of Dragonfly HATES being hot, but LOVES hot yoga.  Sounds weird, right?  We find that so many people who say they hate hot summer days or being hot in general actually find that they love hot yoga.  There’s something about the combination of the hot room and doing yoga that is just so invigorating and detoxifying–a lot of people compare it to getting a massage.  You will thank us when class is over!

Can My Child Do Yoga?

At Dragonfly, your child must be 14 years of age to attend yoga classes (16 years to do any Fire 105° classes) and a parent/guardian must attend class with them. A minor can do yoga without a parent/guardian starting at age 16, but a parent/guardian must come into the studio to sign a waiver.

Studio Etiquette

Shoes It is customary to remove your shoes when you enter a yoga studio. We provide shoe cubbies where you may leave your bag, shoes, clothing, etc. If a staff member isn’t at the desk, the front door will be locked, so your belongings are secure. We cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items.

Restrooms Try to take care of business before class, as it may interrupt fellow yogis if you leave during class. However, if you need to go during class, please do so quietly and respectfully. When re-entering the room, please wait until we are between postures so you don’t disrupt a fellow yogi’s balance.

Cell Phones To maintain an environment of comfort and mindfulness for all our clients, please leave your cell phone or any cameras with your bag/shoes in the lobby. Also double check to make sure your cell phone is turned off while you are practicing so it does not ring in the lobby during class. If you need to be “on-call” please let the front desk staff person know, and leave your phone with them and explain the situation. They can quietly come and get you during class.