Business of the Month: Foxy’s Salon

Foxy’s Salon is located in the same building as Dragonfly Hot Yoga’s Middleton location just down the hall! We love having owner Pam Fox as a neighbor and chatted with her about her business and her love of hot yoga.

Dragonfly Hot Yoga: Tell us a little bit about Foxy’s Salon. How long have you been in business?

Pam Fox: Foxy’s Salon Hair & Wax Specialist opened August 15th, 2011. At Foxy’s Salon you will enjoy a warm relaxing experience with a full range of Salon and Spa services. Foxy’s Salon features products from Moroccanoil, Redken, Sexy Hair, and many more quality professional lines. My passion for the hair and beauty industry started at a very young age, with a mini “Foxy’s Salon” inside my Barbie Doll house full of cut and painted Barbies! I moved on to getting my Cosmetology degree directly after High School, and have worked in Madison as a professional Cosmetologist for 10 years. Helping people feel good about themselves and brightening their day is what inspires me everyday to grow and expand. I am blessed to have such a wonderful career and great clients to share my dream with.
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Middleton Yogi of the Month: Inge Shaw

How long have you practiced Hot Yoga?

Six months! I had never practiced Yoga of any kind. Since my college years, I have always stayed active doing aerobics, running, spinning & weightlifting.

What brought you to Dragonfly?

My sister (Tola) had transformed her fitness regimen by doing the Hot Yoga at Dragonfly and I was curious & impressed. She gave me a pass to try out some classes….I was hooked. Loved the feeling I got from every class – physical & mental. I have now transformed my traditional cardio work-outs into a more yoga based routine.
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Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Paul Hale

Ever since Paul Hale saw our banner in early June, he’s been a regular fixture at Dragonfly Hot Yoga’s Fitchburg studio. About four days a week, Paul makes the 5:30 PM class a priority in his busy life. He loves the variety the 5:30 time slot gives him, as he’s able to try a few different styles of yoga. “I’m addicted,” he says.

Paul has been one of our best ambassadors, recommending friends, partners, coworkers to the hot room. “It makes me feel good, I want to help others feel this way. My friends say I’m never in a bad mood.”
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Whole 30 Challenge – Sign Up Today!

When we sat down with Instructor Katie Hill to talk about the Whole 30 Challenge it was like hearing someone talk about a new love. Katie actually glowed as she talked about how the Whole 30 Challenge has changed her life and her desire to help others find the same success she has.

“If you had told me about this a year ago, I would have said no way. I was too stubborn.” Katie says. But after many years of a vegetarian diet and seeing no results, Katie knew something had to give. “If you want to see results you have to change what you’re doing.”

Being a yoga teacher, Katie also realized the need to “Walk the walk and talk the talk,” about healthy living and mindfulness in eating.
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I Am Dragonfly: My Experience of Yoga & Arthritis

For years I was intrigued by yoga but I was intimidated by the idea of “yogi’s.” In my head a “yogi” was a toned, ripped body that could contort themselves, for hours on end, into positions that only the demonically possessed could do. I had attempted classes at various places but the intimidation was ever present. The concept of yoga made sense to me and I really wanted to be that healthy ripped body but I hadn’t found a teacher that could help me get over the intimidation. I really wanted to love yoga but it wasn’t happening…yet.

I continued my yoga journey with a trial membership at Dragonfly Hot Yoga. Dragonfly appealed to me for two reasons: First, I love warm temperatures and let’s face it – in Wisconsin heat is a brief experience (before this summer anyway). Second, I have ankylosing spondylitis, an arthritis that affects the spine. I was diagnosed at 23 years old (I’m now 36). In the last 13 years I had tried everything holistic to cope with this problem. I tried Pilates, walking, changed my diet, went gluten-free, and lost weight. While these are all good things they didn’t alleviate the pain or stop the progression. During this time, doctors wanted to prescribe different medications but I refused because of side effects. The only thing I would take was ibuprofen to help when the pain was excruciating. However after 13 years of that choice all I got was an allergy to NSAIDS and a lovely skin rash that pops-up at random (yes those warnings on the bottle are true). So in 2009 I agreed to begin Humira injections which did help with the pain but it hadn’t improved my range of motion.
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Expecting Something? We now offer Prenatal Yoga!

Prenatal Yoga starts September 27. Don’t worry – this class is NOT heated!

Participating in a group prenatal class provides a community of support from people who understand what you are experiencing and going through.

Prepare for the birth of your baby and work to alleviate pregnancy-related discomforts by practicing gentle, modified yoga poses and breathing exercises. Prenatal yoga class is a wonderful opportunity for pregnant women to connect and celebrate their changing bodies and growing babies. Appropriate for expectant mothers at all stages of pregnancy.
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Whole30 Challenge Starts October 1st!

Whole30 yogis! The official sign up for our October challenge is ready for you. Sign up today!!!

Can changing the way you eat change your entire life?

I wasn’t sure. A classic skeptic. So this past August, I tried something revolutionary.
I ate for my health.

See, I have always struggled with what to eat. I’ve done every single diet known to
man. I exercise regularly, and I still never felt like I was making any deep changes in
my body. My shape didn’t change, my weight didn’t budge. I wanted to change.

I ran across the Whole30 program online over a year ago. I read, read, read, was
interested, but I wasn’t ready to change. I could think of a million excuses. “I am
going to that wedding, I need cake! I need red wine at the end of the day. I don’t like
the rigidity, I mean we only live once right?”
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Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Nichole Wood

Dragonfly: You've been to over 100 classes at Dragonfly.  That's amazing.  Did you do yoga regularly before coming to Dragonfly?

Nichole Wood: I did prenatal yoga in 2000/2001 when I was pregnant with my first of 3 children.  I always missed it and a few years ago a friend gave me a video and mat as a gift.  I enjoyed this but it really was not the same as being a part of a class and community.  I would drive by Dragonfly and often thought about checking it out.  Eventually, I got the courage to try a 2 week trial.  Immediately, I fell in love and knew I had to make it part of my life style.

Dfly: You are a true Dragonflyer in the sense that you really take advantage of all of our different classes! Do you have a favorite class and if so, what makes it your favorite?

NW: I have many favorite classes.  I choose them based on my mood and how the class fits into my schedule.  I always love Fire.  A new favorite is Flash Fire.  I like Flow when I'm in the mood to work on inversions and arm balances.  Yin is great when I'm tired from more intense classes and need to really stretch out my muscles.  I especially like guided meditation at the end of Natalie's Yin.  Dragonfly has so many talented teachers.  I have learned so much from them.
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