99 Days of Summer Challenge

This Summer Will Be 1% Inspiration, 99% Perspiration!

Memorial Day through Labor Day (May 26 – Sept 1)
The Challenge:
Attend 40, 50, or 60 Classes in 99 Days
Get an Exclusive T-Shirt & Invite to our Summer Party!

Distracted? Busy? Out of shape? Stay (or get back on!) on the mat with our 99 Days of Summer Challenge! Summer is almost here, and we know it can be the hardest time of year to keep up a yoga practice. We created this challenge to keep you motivated and inspired during the summer. And we’re sweetening the deal with prizes! Just do it! It could be the most valuable gift you could ever give yourself.

Register now through July 21nd:
1. Pick up your challenge card at either studio.
2. Give us your name, email and your T-shirt size at the front desk.
3. Choose Your Yogaventure! Pick a goal of 40, 50 or 60 classes.
4. Attend 40, 50 or 60 classes between May 26 and September 1. You can do it!
5. If you complete your challenge, you will receive a limited edition Dragonfly shirt or tank and will be invited to a fun Dragonfly Party in September where we’ll have food and prizes!

Become A Member This December And Get A Chance To Win!


One New Member Will Win 6 months of Free yoga This Month!

It’s Winter! The chill is in the air, snow is on the ground, and Dragonfly is HOT! Need another reason to stick with us during these cold months ahead? Anyone who signs up for a membership this month gets entered into a drawing for 6 months of FREE unlimited classes! Join Dragonfly as a member for less than the cost of your daily cup of coffee! If you come to 2 or more classes per week, membership is the best way to take advantage of our clean studio, variety of classes & instructors, and friendly community of awesome yogis!

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Dfly Middleton is Getting Bigger in September! Yes!!!

We’re Expanding in Middleton!

This September we’ll open a new room at our Middleton location:
Introducing STUDIO MILD
A space for Teacher Training, dFLY BarreAmped, and non-heated yoga classes

Dragonfly Middleton keeps on flying! We love our current studio space (now dubbed Studio HOT), and it’s clear you do too! Some of our classes (like dFLY BarreAmped) are always full, and with the addition of Teacher Training in September we just had to make room for more. So, we are super excited to announce a new space at our Junction Road location: Studio MILD!

It will be across the hall from the current studio, and it will be a space for non-heated yoga, more dFLY BarreAmped, and teacher training! Stay tuned for more details!

Meet Cynthia: Dfly’s New Go-To Gal

You may have noticed a new face in the mornings at Dragonfly Middleton. Cynthia Stiennon joined us last month as our Director of Client Relations. In addition to helping out at the front desk and in the Childcare room early weekday mornings, Cynthia is charged with being our main point of contact for customer service issues. Questions about which class is right for you? Cynthia. Issues with a class or instructor? Cynthia. Suggestions for how we can improve the Dragonfly experience? Cynthia. Basically, she is the Dragonfly Swiss Army Knife, but always feel free to approach any staff or instructor for more information about the studio, to give compliments, or to provide any other feedback. Cynthia can be reached at cynthia@dragonflyhotyoga.com or by phone at the Middleton studio at 608.203.9000.

Want to know more about Cynthia? Here’s an introduction!
I was born and raised in San Diego, California within a family of seven. As the youngest child and the only girl, I was given a double “educational” experience on the ability of adjustment. My four older brothers broadened my horizons and taught me to have an open mind. From observing my brothers and from their guidance and direction on being a lady, they helped shape my personality. I have a natural love and instinct for all things fashion, all things artistic, and all things natural. From photography, I can express my perspective, and capture and share a hidden story. From the outdoors, I can explore and uncover hidden treasures and discover new things. I was reborn with a new perspective when I met and married my better half and my best friend, Arthur, last June. He being from Madison Wisconsin, we decided to relocate to Madison to be near family and raise our own. Upon relocation, I was anxious to find a yoga studio similar to the connection I had to my yoga studio in Solana Beach, San Diego. I have been practicing yoga all my life. About five years ago, I evolved from the introduction to hot yoga. Yoga sculpt taught by an extraordinary instructor, Stephanie Powell, changed my entire body disposition. In under a week I was doing half push-ups, planks, and flowing gracefully into vinyasa. Incorporating the other hot yoga classes, I was able to run longer, hike higher, surf and paddle with ease, and focus on point. Yoga has become second nature to me. It has given me the freedom of self, self-confidence, peaceful self-reflection, and self-acceptance. When my husband tried his first hot yoga class, he never experienced anything so challenging his entire life. And he is an avid extreme down hill skier and BMX rider. Hot yoga accelerated his body to a new level as well, and gave him a new sense of freedom. Yoga has accelerated both our lives to the next phase.

Our next phase is here in Madison now. I was grateful and excited to have found Dragonfly Hot Yoga, and to become a part of an amazing entity in Madison. As the Director of Client Relations and the Childcare Supervisor, I hope to enhance the lives of our clients and their children . I hope to provide a positive experience for both client, and child. Once I complete my yoga teacher training, I plan to teach and share the great wonders of practicing yoga and clean living.

BarreAmped is Coming to Fitchburg!

To make way, the Fitchburg Studio will be closed March 19, 10:30am through March 23, 2013

The Fitchburg studio will be closed for a few days to get a facelift. (Think new studio flooring and BarreAmped!) We will close down after Sarah's 9:30am Fit class on March 19th and reopen Sunday March 24. Don't worry, our Junction Rd. studio will still be open! BarreAmped will launch at Fitchburg in the coming months. Stay tuned!

During the updates you can catch these two regular Fitchburg classes at our Middleton studio:
• Thursday March 21 – 5:30am Flow class with Michelle
• Thursday March 21- 6:45am Power class with Amy

Note from Will, part owner of Dragonfly

Dragonfly Hot Yoga started with two dreams and an email. One dream quickly went by the wayside, while the other, a hot yoga studio on the West side of Madison, lived on and has become a beautiful place for the community to practice yoga.

Until June of this year I hadn’t met most of our clients and probably only half of our instructors as my wife and I live in Schenectady, NY, which is as bad as it sounds. I am originally from Mineral Point, WI, and the idea of spending a few months in Madison, a little closer to friends and family was an attractive opportunity for me.

I have never had what you would call a “regular” yoga practice. In the summer I go hiking and play tennis, in the winter I’m more likely to be found racing downhill on skis than on a yoga mat. But I have had times in my life when I practiced yoga. I took an intensive yoga course while traveling through India in 2009, and when my wife and I were living in Holland we took yoga classes in order to meet other
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Hot yoga balances the mind and body – it’s the perfect gift for your friends and family! Stop by the front desk to get them or buy them online. To sweeten the deal, all gift cards are 10% Off until December 25th. Dragonfly Gift Cards can be spent like cash on any of our products or services!

Some great ways to use a Dragonfly Gift Card
1. Get an intro month of yoga for your loved one!
2. Dfly apparel (have you seen our new hoodies?) or yoga gear
3. Take one of our upcoming workshops or special classes (We’ve got a lot of ideas for 2013!)

To get the discount use code GIFT10 at checkout.

Gift cards can be redeemed over the phone or in person at either studio. (Sorry, gift cards can’t be redeemed online.)

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Gobble gobble. Ho ho ho!

The Turkey Claus Challenge:
Complete 20 Classes between November 22 & December 25

The holidays can be a busy time, and excuses are easily made. Join the Turkey Claus challenge to help you stay motivated and feeling great during the holiday season. Can you do it? Join us! Grab a card at the front desk and after class starting November 22, stop at the front desk to have your card stamped with one of our holiday stamps!

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