Megan and Dfly in the State Journal!

Dragonfly owner Megan Ryan Kaiser was featured in Monday’s edition of the Wisconsin State Journal as part of their Emerging Business Series!

Check out the article here:
Yoga is hot at Dragonfly Studios

We also want to share some of Megan’s responses that didn’t make it into the article to give you a better idea of what Dragonfly is all about and how it started!
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Instructor Spotlight: Carrie and Tiffany

Carrie Johnson and Tiffany Geier are in our Instructor Spotlight this month. Dragonfly owner, Megan Ryan Kaiser, asks the two of them some questions about yoga and dream jobs. Take a couple minutes and get to know Carrie and Tiffany a little better!

Megan: How has yoga changed/transformed your life?  

Tiffany: Finding yoga has been like finding something I didn't know I lost, that dollar bill in your pocket, that has always been there, but finding it again brings so much joy!  Yoga has given me the physical strength I crave, and am always looking to build on.  However, the inner strength and stability I have found through yoga has been a true unexpected gift.  

Carrie Johnson: Yoga has changed my life from habits to intentions. I notice that when I come to yoga with a really strong intention, my practice is much more fulfilling. When I have an intention, I am able to move with awareness and purpose, rather than tuning out or thinking about what I ate or how I have a load of laundry to do. When I practice yoga I know that time on my mat is my time and it keeps me present and mindful.  Yoga allows me the opportunity to reflect on my life and strive to be a better person. The biggest transformation from yoga for me is that it encourages healthy eating and healthy choices in life. It also reduces anxiety. My yoga practice continues to amaze me and provides many benefits that effect so many parts of my life..
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New Instructor Spotlight: Suki & April

Dragonfly Hot Yoga is proud to welcome two new yoga instructors to Team Dragonfly. We chatted with Suki Warda and April Wahl about their new relationship with our studio and their love of yoga.

Dragonfly Hot Yoga: What drew you to become a yoga teacher?

Suki Warda: I was inspired to become a yoga teacher through my dear friends Fred and Richard. They pushed me to do something special for myself after having known me for 10+ years. At that time, I had never been away from my husband and children and felt guilty even thinking of going away for just a weekend. With their persistent encouragement, I signed up for Teacher Training in Hawaii with Baron Baptiste. It transformed my thoughts, perceptions, and my life. Whenever I take a full deep breath, I often think of Richard who passed away from lung failure 6 months before I completed my initial training.

April Wahl: Among so many of the great benefits of the practice, yoga helps people to feel more calm, centered, focused, connected, creative, and playful. And through the benefits of a yoga practice, people become more skilled at listening to their own heart and following their bliss in order to live their own lives more authentically. You see people become personally empowered! Seeing people grow into their bliss and discover more happiness and joy in their lives is its own reward. It has completely inspired me to teach!
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BarreAmped Will Shake You Up

You’ve heard the buzz…Dragonfly Hot Yoga’s Middleton location will be the only Barre Amped certified studio in Madison. What’s so special about Barre Amped? We chatted with instructors Carrie Johnson, Amber Thompson, and Sarah Mathis on what makes them amped about teaching BarreAmped.

Dragonfly Hot Yoga: What drew you to becoming a teacher of BarreAmped?

Amber Thompson: Many of my friends live along the coasts and they are all addicted to barre classes. I wanted to see for myself and loved my first class and knew it would be a hit at Dragonfly. I love teaching fitness classes and I know people will love the results they see.

Carrie Johnson: I was drawn to becoming a BarreAmped teacher for the method of it. It is driven from Pilates, classical and modern dance, yoga and orthopedic stretches. Having a background in all I’m able to combine all in one and this class does all that.

Sarah Mathis: I love teaching all forms of fitness and BarreAmped caught my eye because it brings a lot of these forms together. It incorporates elements of both yoga and pilates, which I love. I am very alignment-focused when I teach yoga and pilates because it helps us connect with our own body and create mindful movement. Precision, form and intention are key aspects of the BarreAmped classes, so I’m very excited to teach this!!
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Dragonfly Business Spotlight: Robert Shaw Designs

You may have noticed our beautiful new shelves designed by Robert Shaw Designs behind the front desk at our Fitchburg location. We chatted with Robert Shaw Designs about their business.

Dragonfly Hot Yoga: How did Robert Shaw Design come to be?
Robert Shaw Designs: Bob was building custom furniture and Inge was making home decorative accents out of steel cut-outs(swirls, fish, turtles, dragonflies, fairies, etc.) They collaborated their mediums and built a coffee table for their own home. They used a chartreuse green dye on the wood table top in combination with a shiny steel frame with swirls & fish steel cut-outs welded to the frame. The table was a hit with all their friends and family. People loved the fun color and the unique steel frame. They created their business Robert Shaw Design and began making furniture for art galleries and doing some art shows.

DHY: How have you used your design skills in tandem with Dragonfly Hot Yoga?
RSD: The goal at Robert Shaw Design is to create Furniture and Accents that are original and have a connection with its owner. Furniture that make it possible for a person to “express how they see the world” – much like yoga. Inge explains “the shelving we built for Dragonfly Hot Yoga is an expression of the warmth, comfort and class that the studio radiates.”
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