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Dragonfly Business Spotlight: Robert Shaw Designs

You may have noticed our beautiful new shelves designed by Robert Shaw Designs behind the front desk at our Fitchburg location. We chatted with Robert Shaw Designs about their business.

Dragonfly Hot Yoga: How did Robert Shaw Design come to be?
Robert Shaw Designs: Bob was building custom furniture and Inge was making home decorative accents out of steel cut-outs(swirls, fish, turtles, dragonflies, fairies, etc.) They collaborated their mediums and built a coffee table for their own home. They used a chartreuse green dye on the wood table top in combination with a shiny steel frame with swirls & fish steel cut-outs welded to the frame. The table was a hit with all their friends and family. People loved the fun color and the unique steel frame. They created their business Robert Shaw Design and began making furniture for art galleries and doing some art shows.

DHY: How have you used your design skills in tandem with Dragonfly Hot Yoga?
RSD: The goal at Robert Shaw Design is to create Furniture and Accents that are original and have a connection with its owner. Furniture that make it possible for a person to “express how they see the world” – much like yoga. Inge explains “the shelving we built for Dragonfly Hot Yoga is an expression of the warmth, comfort and class that the studio radiates.”

DHY: How did you hear about Dragonfly Hot Yoga?
RSD: Inge’s sister Tola is a member and now works at Dragonfly Hot Yoga.

DHY: Tell us a bit about your yoga practice. Do you see a correlation between art, design, and yoga?
RSD: Bob & Inge had never practiced yoga, it is a new venture for them. Inge is now a member, she says she is most impressed with the variety of classes Dragonfly offers. They see a correlation between art, design and yoga through the shapes & “poses”, color & “atmosphere”, and texture & “feel it” – they all evoke emotional connections. Bob & Inge feel their functional art fills a home with warmth, beauty and meaning.

Keep an eye out for some more beautiful designs by Inge and Bob at our new Middleton location!

Check out their website: robertshawdesign.com