Sun Prairie Yogi of the Month: Kelly Spies


I attended one of the first free classes on opening weekend and signed up for a membership that same day. I was so excited Sun Prairie finally had a yoga studio! It was amazing to see the variety of classes being offered and I enjoyed taking the first month of my membership to explore the different types of classes.

I had been into yoga on and off since college but had not done any yoga for five years prior to Dragonfly opening in Sun Prairie. As a working mom, it was hard to get into Madison for classes and I really missed yoga!
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Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Emily Tryba


My friend and coworker, Caroline Anderson introduced me to yoga. She started teaching a class after school for staff members. When the school year ended, I knew I was really going to miss my yoga sessions and she told me about the one month trial at Dragonfly. That first month, I did mainly Flow classes, but fell in love!

Currently, I make a commitment to attend at least 3 classes a week. Usually it is two Yoga Up classes and a Flow class. It’s tricky sometimes with children, family and work, but I realized I am a much better person if I am taking care of myself.
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Middleton Yogi of the Month: Julie Waldren


I discovered Dragonfly Hot Yoga in January 2014, during what was the longest and most frigid winter I can remember. I was also struggling with built-up shoulder tension from working at a desk all day, so I decided to try a hot yin class. I didn’t immediately know how I felt about hot yoga, but I knew that I loved the warmth and felt at home in Dragonfly’s spacious, cheerful studio. So I kept coming back. That winter I attended almost exclusively hot yin classes because what I needed most was relaxation and relief from built up muscle tightness. I was intimidated to try flow classes because I didn’t feel strong enough to stay in down dog for longer than a few seconds or to flow quickly through postures. My yoga experience prior to Dragonfly had been with gentle Kripalu yoga classes offered through my healthcare clinic, which I had taken on and off for several years.
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Sun Prairie Yogi of the Month: Cal Nitka


I started practicing at Dfly right when the studio opened in Sun Prairie. My wife and I live near the studio and we noticed Dfly was opening in town. We were both instantly hooked and proceeded to try every class during our intro month. Once we were about a week into our intro month we knew this was something we wanted to build into our daily lives and we then joined as members.

Prior to coming to Dfly, I had attended one Yoga class at an athletic club which mostly felt like an hour of group stretching. I left that class feeling like there were better ways I could spend an hour at the athletic club.
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Middleton Yogi of the Month: Jaime Hoerres


I first started at Dragonfly after attending a hot yoga class at a neighboring health club. It had just opened up close to my work/home & I thought I would check it out. I had taken a few non-heated yoga classes and I really liked it, but I always felt I did not sweat enough. When I do any type of exercise, I really want to sweat and non-heated yoga was not cutting it.

I love all things Dragonfly!! When I first started going, I was a little nervous. I didn’t know what to expect, but everyone was so welcoming, it made me feel like it was a second home.
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Downtown Yogi of the Month: Madeline Mack


I had never done any type of yoga before I came to Dragonfly. I used to be a big swimmer and also did TRX classes. A friend of mine recommended going to my first free class and I loved it right away. I signed up for my Introductory month right after that class in September 2015.

The best part about coming to Dfly is that all of the classes are such great stress relievers and are all so much fun. Everyone is so welcoming and I love how every instructor makes an effort to get to know you. It’s definitely my favorite place to go to get a break from school.
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