Sun Prairie Yogi of the Month: Deb Holland

Let me begin my yoga story by saying how honored and humbled I am to be selected as yogi of the month at Dragonfly Sun Prairie. My partner Annie Rubens is the one who introduced me to yoga, many years ago. Over time my practice was sporadic, at a variety of studios, depending on where we lived at the time. When Dragonfly came to Sun Prairie I saw the ad for $20 for the first month and decided it was high time to get back on the mat! Annie joined with me, in support of my practice. We tried out a wide variety of classes and thoroughly enjoyed our time there together. When the month was over I stayed on for some time to come. However, as is so often the case for so many of us, life happened and I went back to only a sporadic practice, mostly at home. Then on May 31, 2018, after 25 years of being together, Annie passed away as a result of a bike accident while training for her second Ironman. My world was shattered and my heart was crushed. I knew that in order to even want to continue to live, I needed to let go of non-essential commitments and make space for what truly served my well-being, my purpose, and our legacy. I returned to Dragonfly and was greeted with tremendous compassion and care by Pete, who welcomed me back as if I had never missed a day. The staff of course knew about the accident, and knew without even having to ask, why I was returning to the mat.
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Middleton Yogi of the Month: Maria Marunich

If I remember correctly, a friend told me about Dragonfly. At the time I was a member at another yoga studio in town but the idea of adding a weight/cardio class appealed to me. So I gave Yoga Up at try. Wow, I had no idea what I was getting myself into but the challenge brought me back week after week.

I had been practicing yoga for about 10 years when Dragonfly drew me in. I had a dedicated yoga practice but was looking to shake things up. Yoga was satisfying and soothing my mind and soul but I wanted to see more definition in my body. Elizabeth pushed me to add more BarreAmped classes (and weights) to my workout routine. As I write this, I have never thanked her for that! Now I will.
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