Sun Prairie Yogis of the Month: Dan & Kay Gilbert

We moved from Wauwatosa to Sun Prairie in February of 2016. While building our home here, I lived in Kiel for 5 months, where I was told about a yoga class offered in the basement of a church. By the way, it was about 60 degrees down there. We had 4 electric heaters running to help warm it up. This was my introduction to yoga. I immediately enjoyed the class and looked forward to going.

About a year after settling into Sun Prairie, I was in search of a place I would feel “at home” while fitting fitness into my new life. I toured every health club in the area before trying Dfly. I was very hesitant to do HOT yoga. I didn’t quite understand why you would want to work out in 95+ degrees. I also was well aware I do not excel at pushing myself to workout, so I needed structured classes. I took full advantage of my free trial week, attending as many classes as possible to meet the teachers and get a good feel as to whether I wanted to join. The answer was obvious – DEFINITELY YES! My timing was perfect. Yoga 101 and 102 were offered within a week of my first class, so I took them both and learned some of the terminology and poses. I highly recommend these to everyone – new and seasoned yogis.
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Middleton Yogis of the Month: Brian & Jill Glenzinski

(Jill) It was four years ago with a Groupon for a 5-pack of BarreAmped classes that a friend suggested, “Let’s just check it out”. I didn’t even own a yoga mat, and I was going to see how things go, not ready to commit to anything. Well, I really liked the BarreAmped classes but was not so sure about yoga – I didn’t see myself as someone who did yoga. So, I started with some Aroma Yin classes and then into the Flow classes. I was motivated by the 99 Days of Summer Challenge and the Turkey Claus challenge, I even did Free to Breathe with friends one summer. Overall, I’d say it’s gone pretty well for just checking things out. (Brian) After hearing how much Jill enjoyed it I bought a 10 pack of classes and was soon hooked.
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Fitchburg Yogis of the Month: Taylor and Matt Demars

Taylor started attending Dragonfly classes shortly after moving to Madison from Minneapolis in the fall of 2014. She was looking to continue her positive experience with yoga, and, after her trial month, decided to become a member. After months of asking Matt to join her, he agreed. Matt, much to his surprise, didn’t die in his first class, so he decided to begin his trial month, too. At its conclusion, he became a monthly member as well.

Taylor started attending yoga and fitness classes while attending graduate school at the University of Minnesota in 2012. She was a member of a local studio until moving to Madison. Matt’s prior experience was joining Taylor in a class (literally one class) where he honestly thought he was going to pass out.
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Downtown Yogis of the Month: Kara Murphy & Jeremy Dejno

How did you get started at Dfly?
We wanted to take our haphazard yoga practice, which we were doing at home, following the video instructions of The Ultimate Yogi, and upgrade—to see how we would fare in hot yoga. Flow on Monday at 6pm downtown was the first class that we attended at Dfly, and it was the one that got us hooked for good. Katie Monk was the teacher at the time, and we fell in love with the perfect balance of emphasizing mindfulness and the pushing of physical limits that Dfly taught. Since then we have come to love all the teachers at Dfly. Each teacher’s unique style satisfies our practice in different ways, and it is refreshing to get different personalities on different days. A few Brady ‘freedom breaths’ on Tuesday Power Flow usually gets us primed for the week; while a contortionist’s twist guided by Anna during a weekend Flow uncovers the gateway to tear down the body’s perceived limitations with a little mental resilience. :)
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