Middleton Yogis of the Month: Brian & Jill Glenzinski | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Middleton Yogis of the Month: Brian & Jill Glenzinski

(Jill) It was four years ago with a Groupon for a 5-pack of BarreAmped classes that a friend suggested, “Let’s just check it out”. I didn’t even own a yoga mat, and I was going to see how things go, not ready to commit to anything. Well, I really liked the BarreAmped classes but was not so sure about yoga – I didn’t see myself as someone who did yoga. So, I started with some Aroma Yin classes and then into the Flow classes. I was motivated by the 99 Days of Summer Challenge and the Turkey Claus challenge, I even did Free to Breathe with friends one summer. Overall, I’d say it’s gone pretty well for just checking things out. (Brian) After hearing how much Jill enjoyed it I bought a 10 pack of classes and was soon hooked.

Dfly is our first yoga and barre experience. We always heard yoga was quite a workout and we know we need some flexibility and strength training, but had no idea how challenging, centering, and humbling this new venture would be for us. (Brian) I came to Dfly for my body, but stayed for my mind. I enjoy the mental aspect and centering I get from each class. (Jill) I’m always learning something – to focus, to center, to give or to let go, really just to stand a little taller and stronger in every way after a class. (Brian) I used to have lower back pain, but it is mostly gone. I notice when I am on the road and not practicing, the pain returns to remind me to return to my practice. (Jill) How much every day is truly a practice and how to look at what I think is a weakness, is maybe an area that just needs more attention or kindness, and how the shaking in barre is reshaping of muscle in action. Every class we find some nugget of information or lesson that really resonates with us for the rest of the day.

(Brian) I attend 2-3 times per week. Each class is a favorite for different reasons. I really enjoy the Flow classes and they make me appreciate the Yin classes. The diversity of classes is what I really like about Dfly and there are those perfect back-to-back classes that line up and give you the best of both. Now if I could just make Suki’s 5:30 am Flow part of my morning routine. (Jill) I guess it’s about 4-5 times. Here’s some of my favorite quotes from classes, “are you old because you’re stiff, or stiff because your old”, “only now exists”, “we need more kindness, mmhmm”, “oh, yes you can” and a cheery “hi Jill & Brian, gotcha checked-in”. Thank you for the intentions, readings, and encouragements that are shared throughout classes.

There’s a strength, mentally and physically, that we feel after we’ve been to Dragonfly. We truly appreciate and enjoy the environment/community that Dragonfly offers. It’s the studio, the variety and schedule of classes, the workshops, and the people – the instructors and staff are amazing – powerful, encouraging, welcoming, knowledgeable, nurturing and comforting. It seems each class, workshop, instructor, staff member at the front desk or fellow yogi have crossed our path for a reason and we’re grateful and thankful to be a part of Dragonfly.

Instructor Chananate Uthaisar: “Jill and Brian are one of our delightful Dragonfly couples who can be found rolling their mats out next to each other; expanding their strength, flexibility and performance. We are grateful to witness their energy, dedication and mindfulness during their practice, as well as their big smiles when they walk into our studios. I am thankful to be a part of their journey with Dragonfly, seeing their growth, encouragement and overall health and wellness.”

Instructor Brenda Autz: “Jill and Brian share strong practices and commitment to taking care of themselves and each other. They often practice mat-to-mat, alongside one another in the studio. There are days too, when they attend classes separately so as to honor their individual needs; one to a strengthening class, the other slowing down. We can all be inspired by their wise, open-hearted approaches toward each other and the practice of yoga.”