Sun Prairie Yogi of the Month: Meghan Caulfield

I first started attending Dragonfly Hot Yoga in Sun Prairie in the summer of 2015. For numerous years before beginning my yoga practice, running was my primary form of exercise. Slowly, running began to feel like a forced activity that I stuck with because I “had to”. Never once did I even stretch before or after one of my runs! Eventually, I ran straight into a terrible week of being stuck on the couch due to horrible back pain. My doctor suggested I start yoga which I immediately ignored. Fast forward a year after the back pain, and after many, many years’ worth of suggestions from my lovely mother that I “may enjoy yoga”, I started looking into local studios. A friend suggested that I try Dragonfly after she had taken a few classes. I took my first class (flow with Brenda!) and instantly became obsessed! Now, I too sing the praises of yoga and Dragonfly far and wide!
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Middleton Yogi of the Month: LeAnn Heun

My incredible friend and neighbor suggested I try yoga in April 2015 after several personal challenges I was dealing with. Without her suggestion, I would have never thought of yoga as a way to de-stress and exercise! Much love and thanks to my friend!

I have been a runner for ages, so yoga really used a lot of new muscles! I had no yoga experience other than DVD (and yes, VHS yoga)!!!!

My first class was with Suki. In one class, she showed me the many layers of yoga. I saw the strength, humility, power and beauty of yoga immediately. I was hooked as the feeling of empowerment, is what I really needed!

I am stronger, mentally and physically and more confident. I am in the best shape of my life! Also, it was and is a wonderful distraction from daily stresses and concerns.
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Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Sydnee Davis

I am a kindergarten teacher at John Muir Elementary School where Tiffany Geier teaches Physical Education. Three years ago my friend and co-worker decided to try something new and that was Dragonfly!

The most impressive part of Dragonfly is, each time I enter the doors I feel welcomed, I feel like I am “home.” I struggle with anxiety each day and Dragonfly is a fantastic outlet for me to take time for myself without concentrating on my worries.

The challenge, the experience, and the instructors are my absolute favorite things about Dragonfly. I feel stronger physically and mentally. I am able to handle my anxiety better when I use practices I have learned at Dragonfly.
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Downtown Yogi of the Month: Kathleen Ward

I was looking to change gyms to something closer to my apartment and I wanted a fitness studio that provided early morning and late options seven days a week. I hadn’t practiced yoga before, but I thought it would be good for my stiff muscles.

I’d never taken a pure yoga class before coming to Dragonfly. I had done some poses in other fitness classes, but I didn’t know the names of them. The instructors at Dragonfly were welcoming and helped give verbal and hand-on adjustments while I learned the poses (and I’m still learning).
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