Downtown Yogi of the Month: Jessica Link


I have had a strong love-hate relationship with yoga for the past 8 years but then I found Dragonfly when it first opened in Fitchburg in 2011. I began to develop a more regular practice and that allowed me to finally get out of my own head and really enjoy the practice. I wish I could say I have maintained that awesome regular practice over the years but the reality is that my attendance varies. Sometimes I neglect my mat for months, other times it’s a more regular routine.

I have also taken on some personal yoga challenges. Within the last year, many things in my life have changed. When the Dragonfly Downtown location opened, it felt like a sign that I needed a little more yoga in my life. My most recent 60-day challenge helped me to remember that I am better at dealing with life when I feel strong and centered.
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Sun Prairie Yogis of the Month: Connie & Jim Haessly


We had been participating in classes at another yoga studio when a friend told us that Dragonfly was opening a studio near us. Since we both like to be warm (think Florida in July), we had always thought Dragonfly would be a great fit for us. When the Sun Prairie studio opened 10 minutes from our home, we knew it was karma and we signed up for the introductory month at the grand opening and have been members ever since.  

We enjoy the variety of classes offered at Dragonfly. In any given week, we are able to work on everything from deep fascia stretches to cardio. Each instructor shares her unique style and provides opportunities to increase our strength, focus, and flexibility. 
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Middleton Yogi of the Month: Stephanie Rick


I started with Dragonfly in the fall of 2012 with one of the “10 class slash” passes. As time went on, I was attending more and more classes – so I finally signed up as a member and haven’t looked back! Previously, I had done some yoga videos, but it was never a consistent part of my life.

I love the variety of classes offered at Dragonfly, and the instructors are amazing and full of positive energy! Everyone is friendly and it feels like home. Now that I have incorporated hot yoga as a part of my life, I will never go back to non-heated/room temperature yoga.
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Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Marcy Montgomery


The one month unlimited yoga special last December brought me to Dragonfly and I tried at least 9 different classes during that month.

I used to live in Connecticut where I just happened to live within a couple miles of a Bikram Yoga Studio. I spent a few years practicing Bikram yoga there before I moved back to Wisconsin. I had gained a love and appreciation for hot yoga because after I left Connecticut, I used GAIAM videos at home and it just was not the same.
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