Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Katie Zick


In April of this year, a couple months after my dad passed, I knew I needed something to keep me physically healthy and keep my mind healthy as well. I knew yoga was the way to go because I had tried it in the past and knew how good it was for BOTH mind and body. So, I started at Dragonfly because I knew Dfly had the Barre classes as well and was dying to try one. That Barre class led to a few Fire classes, Flow, Fit and MadPower; before I knew it I was hooked! 

Prior to Dragonfly I had done a few hot yoga classes in 2011 to de-stress leading up to my wedding and I had a few yoga DVDs at home that I did in my living room every once in a while. I enjoy everything about the classes. The staff always greets me with a smile and by name; the instructors are SO helpful and easy to approach not to mention motivating. And I love the variety! I see such a difference in my strength, muscle tone, etc.!
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Middleton Yogi of the Month: Marybeth Mayo


Six months after moving to Madison, I started looking around for a yoga studio or gym to join – my desk job was turning me into a couch potato!  I got Groupons for two different studios and tried both, since I was a bit intimidated by the heat at first.  The community and teachers at Dragonfly won me over, and of course now I love the heat!  I also appreciated that the studio met me at my level – whatever it happened to be that day.

Prior to starting at Dragonfly, I had been doing yoga on and off for at least five years.  Dragonfly has been my first consistent practice. I really enjoy the variety of classes and teachers on the schedule.  Some days I feel like a really upbeat fitness class, other days I feel like focusing inward and taking a Slow Flow or a Yin style class.  I can do all of this at Dragonfly.  I was so excited when they opened the mild studio as well, especially with all the new class types they’ve added. I always sleep better after taking Fire, and I tend to have less back pain from sitting all day when I’m doing yoga.
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Become A Member This December And Get A Chance To Win!


One New Member Will Win 6 months of Free yoga This Month!

It’s Winter! The chill is in the air, snow is on the ground, and Dragonfly is HOT! Need another reason to stick with us during these cold months ahead? Anyone who signs up for a membership this month gets entered into a drawing for 6 months of FREE unlimited classes! Join Dragonfly as a member for less than the cost of your daily cup of coffee! If you come to 2 or more classes per week, membership is the best way to take advantage of our clean studio, variety of classes & instructors, and friendly community of awesome yogis!

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Oh, the places WE’LL go!


Hi Team Dragonfly!

I don’t get a chance often enough to write on this blog, but I’ve been feeling very grateful and inspired lately and wanted to make sure to take some time to send you all a note.

For the past two and a half years, Dragonfly has developed into one very special community. We — our staff, instructors, clients, even vendors — are a team. No part of the team can exist without all of the others, and no one person is more important than any other. For this, I am extremely proud.
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