Middleton Yogi of the Month: Marybeth Mayo | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Middleton Yogi of the Month: Marybeth Mayo


Six months after moving to Madison, I started looking around for a yoga studio or gym to join – my desk job was turning me into a couch potato!  I got Groupons for two different studios and tried both, since I was a bit intimidated by the heat at first.  The community and teachers at Dragonfly won me over, and of course now I love the heat!  I also appreciated that the studio met me at my level – whatever it happened to be that day.

Prior to starting at Dragonfly, I had been doing yoga on and off for at least five years.  Dragonfly has been my first consistent practice. I really enjoy the variety of classes and teachers on the schedule.  Some days I feel like a really upbeat fitness class, other days I feel like focusing inward and taking a Slow Flow or a Yin style class.  I can do all of this at Dragonfly.  I was so excited when they opened the mild studio as well, especially with all the new class types they’ve added. I always sleep better after taking Fire, and I tend to have less back pain from sitting all day when I’m doing yoga.

In general, I attend at least four classes a week, though lately it has been six or more.  I couldn’t pick a favorite class.  During my 60 day challenge, I tried to take every teacher at least once to help decide which teachers I preferred for each class.  (I got all but two!)  It did not help at all.  Instead, I found that the classes I had disliked on the first go round, such as Fire, I loved on the second try.  Since that second try, Anya’s Fire has become a Monday ritual for me.  MadPower with Amy and Jessi is also strangely addicting.  Recently, I have been taking Chakra with Christina, Flow with Joe, and Yin with Rachel.

Yoga is almost always my favorite part of the day – I love challenging myself and being able to feel good all day just because I held a toe stand for a few seconds when two months ago I fell flat on my butt or just because that day my breath stayed with my movement particularly well.  
Instructor Anya Zhikareva: It is always nice to spend 90 minutes with Marybeth in the 105 degree room. She brings a feeling of stillness and gentle strength with her. She gives class 100% of her energy and dedication and seems like she is getting back good results too. Congratulations on the Yogi of the month nomination! Keep on the yoga glow and awesomeness!

Instructor Rachel Seurer: I am so happy that Marybeth has been named the Middleton Yogi of the Month! She is truly a yogi in mind, body and soul. I’ve had the honor to watch Marybeth’s practice blossom, and in so many directions. It is truly inspiring to see someone bring such openness and dedication to every type of class (Flow! Power! Pound!) In her practice Marybeth brings the same quiet strength and attention to each and every pose she does. I could not imagine a yogi who is more patient and kind. And so, here’s to you Marybeth- to your determination and strength! Congratulations!