Sun Prairie Yogi of the Month: Erin Leckwee Lita

Hi! I’m Erin Leckwee Lita. I am from Lodi and currently working for Tellurian in Madison. I originally started at Dragonfly in 2016 and I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately a change of jobs made it too difficult for me to continue attending. In late 2021 I began working in Madison again and I was looking for a way to get myself back into shape and de-stress. Dragonfly immediately came to mind. I started attending classes again in March and fell back in love with all things hot yoga. My husband, Cris, attends classes with me now, as he has really come to love the experience as well.

Prior to Dragonfly I had never really had much formal experience with yoga, I had been focused mainly on running and power lifting. I really enjoyed how non-judgmental and welcoming the instructors and other class members were, it made learning so much more enjoyable.

I really enjoy challenging my body and having those moments when I realize I can do something that I wasn’t able to do a couple of weeks ago. I like that the instructors offer different variations of poses as well. I cannot say that I have ever left a class feeling down or negative, the classes always have great vibes.

Since I have been attending classes I have noticed changes physically as well as mentally. My body has better muscle tone (thank you Yoga Up!) and I feel less of those creaks and sore spots. I have learned from the instructors to give my body grace if I’m not feeling the best physically, which is something I had always tried to “power through”. I also feel much more relaxed mentally. I have a very stressful job and it is helpful to be able to set everything aside and check out for a little while.

I generally attend classes 3-4 times per week, although I recently completed my first 30 day challenge successfully. I am looking forward to taking on the summer challenge next. I enjoy all of the classes, but my absolute favorite has to be Yoga Up. The energy and the music (love, love the throwbacks!) are great, and when I’m finished I am so energized and happy.

Middleton Yogi of the Month: Tom Vomastic

I registered for the Dragonfly free month trial that was offered in a mail advertisement in December 2021 and started the trial in January 2022 after Winter break. I had no Yoga or Barre experience.

The friends that I have made are my favorite part about attending Dragonfly classes, especially considering the changes to social experiences during the Covid pandemic.

The motivation received from the Dragonfly instructors, staff, and fellow yogis, and the physical and mental gains received from attending classes have significantly increased my well-being and can be applied to my outside sport and life pursuits.

I attend classes usually 1 and up to 3 times each day and my favorite class is Samantha Brenner’s Core Flow 60 on Wednesdays at 9am at the Middleton studio.

I am pleased that I started yoga, especially with Dragonfly, despite my initial apprehension. Hot Yoga has become a beautiful and significant part of my life that I plan to continue. I grew up in Milwaukee, WI, graduated from the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD with a B.S. in American Politics and Law and a commission as an Ensign in the US Navy granted in person by the US President, served as an officer in the US Navy, and worked for the US Department of Veterans Affairs. I have a M.A. in US National Security Policy from Georgetown University and a MBA in International Business from the University of Iowa’s international program in Italy. I enjoy participating in athletic events such as Ironman triathlons, the Birkebeiner cross country ski marathon, mountain bike racing, and various running events. Currently my goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I love to travel and have lived in and visited many countries.

Instructor Brenda Autz: “Tom’s practice includes an impressive variety of classes and teachers. He’s an intentional yogi who embraces present moment opportunities through stillness in yin, and strength in vinyasa and Dragonfly’s HIT classes. Tom’s mat can often be found in the back of the studio, where he humbly cultivates challenging balance postures. It has been a joy to witness the evolution of Tom’s practice. Early in his Dragonfly membership, Tom shared that practicing yoga noticeably impacted his athleticism. Tom’s experience is a testament to the positive effects of a dedicated yoga practice, and we are fortunate that he is part of the community at Dragonfly.”

Downtown Yogi of the Month: Laura Bulai

How did you get started at Dfly?
I was introduced to hot yoga about 6 years ago. I did not know much about yoga at that time, but heat and movement seemed like a natural approach to treating a chronic myofascial pain syndrome affecting me for long time.

What was your yoga/BarreAmped experience before Dfly?
My first yoga class was right here at Dragonfly, and Dfly has remained my favorite oasis of yoga practice, heat, music, and detachment. For a while I enhanced with additional Fire/Bikram classes since high heat and the physically challenging postures are tremendous in making the muscle more pliant and helping with the pain. In time I started exploring the super-diverse, smart, and expertly taught Vinyasa classes at Dfly, and never looked back. DFly has the best instructors and variety of classes, the best sun-lit facilities and music, the most welcoming mission to tend to all ages, all shapes and sizes, to those new to yoga or experienced.

What do you enjoy most from attending Dfly classes?
I like coming back to the mat and being surprised with each and single session, whether is the set of postures chosen by the instructor, the music, the inspiration I find in others, or the renewed strength I find in myself.

Have you experienced any changes in your total well-being since taking classes?
Yoga with DFly has been essential in my well-being since the day I started: increased mind and body strength, balance, resilience, and flexibility, management of the chronic myofascial pain, osteoporosis prevention – which is very important for women, and an essential companion throughout the pandemic (whether in person or on Demand) I am grateful to be part of the community and I am thankful for all the attention and care we receive from the instructors and staff. I admire every one of them, especially since most have other careers, studies, and families, and they still give us 100% of their energy and passion no matter if is morning or night, weekends or holidays, and I could not be more grateful.

How often do you attend classes? Favorite class?
For the best part of first 5 years I attended about twice a week. Now, the average is 3 times a week and as often as I can! Even twice a day, if my schedule allows it. Favorite classes? The Fusion class with Kelly Perna, the core classes with Tiffanie, Cassie, and Laura, and the powerfully choreographed flow classes with John Harmon have built and fueled my practice throughout these past 6 years. I could not be more fortunate and honored for being able to learn and train with them. From time to time I try a new instructor and class here at DFly, and I have always been delighted and pleasantly surprised when I tried something new. Also, I recently discovered Yoga Up with Laura, a long-feared class for me which I avoided for ages. For the last few months, Laura’s passion, energy, amazing routine, and emboldening music has been calling me back on my mat for Yoga Up, any time I get a chance! I also see that we have a new class Fascia Yoga, and I cannot wait to try it! As I am learning to appreciate the restorative yoga postures more and I pay more attention to the transition postures and details, I feel there is tremendous room for growth, to keep me engaged and challenged for long time to come.

Please feel free to share any other thoughts you have about Dfly, hot yoga, or your life as we would love to know more about you.
I love my time on the mat when I allow myself to be swept by music and the flow of the practice, and I love it even more when my partner can join me for a an occasional session. The way he takes in the entire practice and the flow inspires me and keeps me grounded. I really hope our children will also join us some days. In general, I love seeing families and couples practicing together. Thank you DFly and Happy June!

Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Katrina Keogh

I discovered Dragonfly in December of 2011. I had just moved from Florida and the Wisconsin winter is cold! I had never tried yoga, but the promise of hot lured me in.

Over the past decade Dragonfly has been there for me through many stages of life. 99 days of summer, 30 day challenges, prenatal yoga, postpartum recovery (3 times!), mindfulness, and strength training – there is always something to love.

At this stage, I usually make it to class two or three times a week. My favorite combo is a flow followed by yin in a 1, 2 punch. I have seen both my physical strength and mental well-being grow by leaps and bounds over the years.

Yoga gives me confidence in my body in a way that nothing else ever has. While the classes bring joy to my life, it is truly the accepting, encouraging, and fun community atmosphere that keeps me coming back year after year.

Instructor Kelly Perna: “Katrina is truly an inspiration! Her commitment to showing up on her mat is real. Katrina values the benefits of yoga like strength and flexibility but it’s her awareness of the deeper benefits like mental and emotional health that drew me to her. Thank you, Katrina, for being such a bright light in the Dfly family!”