Sun Prairie Yogi of the Month: Jackie Ward

I got started with Dragonfly Hot Yoga when the Sun Prairie studio had its grand opening in June 2015. The first time I arrived to check it out, the line was out the door and down the stairs. I chose to go over to Woodman’s and do some shopping and then try again. I walked right in and was greeted with a smile and I knew right then –“YES! This was the perfect fit!”

My yoga experience is hard to put into words. Each time I enter the studio in Sun Prairie, I am greeted with amazing contagious happy energy and I feel I belong. The variety of teachers are awesome! I appreciate each one bringing a kick butt workout with their own twist of exercises and song choices. I feel refreshed and truly amazing after leaving each class. I feel so alive and renewed as my entire mindset has changed to “Awesome” within 1 hour at Dragonfly in Sun Prairie.
I love everything about Dfly – the staff, the variety of classes, the beautiful studio. If I could check all of the above that is how truly fulfilled Dragonfly has given me each time I visit.
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Middleton Yogi of the Month: Maxwell Love

I started meditating four years ago because I was stressed at work. Meditation was hard – really hard! I started with unguided meditation and couldn’t do it for more than five minutes. Someone introduced me to free guided meditations hosted by the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. I worked up to meditating 25 minutes a day before work. If I was getting stressed out during the day, I would try to clear my mind with simple breathing techniques. I started feeling much better.

I remember passing by several yoga studios on my block when I lived in Washington, DC and wondering if yoga would be like meditation. Fast forward a few years while visiting a friend in New York, I attended my first yoga class. I liked it! Then I went with my aunt and enjoyed that class too. I thought to myself, “Hmm, maybe I should really have a go at this.” I started reading more about yoga and meditation and that inspired a trip to India in 2015.
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Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Rachel Page

I got started at Dragonfly back in December of 2016. My friend had asked me to go with her and I had wanted to try hot yoga. We went to a Sunday night Flow class and I loved it so much I signed up for the intro month and returned the next day for another class! Before Dragonfly I had only taken a few yoga classes but now it has become a wonderful and necessary part of my life!

To be honest, I tell people I’m surprised by how much I love hot yoga, being what I call a “hot bodied person”, I was not sure the heated studio would be for me. I cannot explain how amazing it feels every time I lay my mat out on the warm floor. I love everything about attending Dragonfly classes and with my regular attendance it has become a community of familiar faces. We are all there to practice and share our energy and I’m quite social so I love it! Some Friday mornings we are even given a “two minute warning” so we know to stop chatting and head into the studio for Yin!
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Downtown Yogi of the Month: Mari Rosenfeld

One of my friends joined Dfly two summers ago when she moved downtown and encouraged me to try the intro month and I loved it. I never got into sports growing up and had never before been committed to a fitness routine, so it felt good finding a way to exercise my body that I actually found fun!

I always leave practice feeling strong. Sometimes I leave feeling strong because I pushed myself and hold a new balance and sometimes I feel strong because I set aside my ego and listen to what my body needs to make the practice my own. No matter what happens when I move on my mat I always take that strength with me into the rest of my day.
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