Sun Prairie Yogi of the Month: Lori Dailey


I first started at Dragonfly Hot Yoga in Sun Prairie in September 2015. I came with some friends and I did not have any yoga experience before starting at Dragonfly. I enjoy the way yoga makes me feel. It calms me down, I feel like I get a good workout, with relieving stress at the same time. Overall, I think I am a better person since starting yoga – it is both good for the body and for the soul.

I try to go to yoga 3-4 times a week. My favorites are Flow and Flow 75. I really enjoy coming to Dragonfly. I look forward to it any time I can go and the warmth is wonderful when it’s cold out! Also, all of the teachers are awesome!

Instructor, Nichole V : “I love having Lori in class! She has great body awareness and is always open to try new things. It has been so inspiring watching Lori’s practice evolve at Dfly. Congrats Lori!!!”

Instructor, Bekah: “Lori is a yogi in the deepest sense of the word: she shows up, time after time, and does the work. Her practice is thoughtful; she takes what her body needs and applies it. Lori inspires presence and groundedness in her dedicated practice.”

Middleton Yogi of the Month: Beth Weinman


I moved to Madison two years ago and used a Groupon to check out various fitness options. I was very excited when I came across the BarreAmped classes at Dragonfly. I had done barre a few years back in Chicago but was on hiatus from it as it wasn’t easily accessible to me in Milwaukee. I got the Groupon, came to Dragonfly and was hooked. I joined as a member and at first mostly did just barre or the barre boot camps. Slowly but surely I started checking everything out.

I had taken very little yoga and I have not belonged to a yoga studio before. I love the variety. Dragonfly has a class for whatever mood I’m in, BarreAmped if I want to shake, Power Up if I want to sweat, Yin to chill and the occasional Flow if I’m in the mood for something different. Exercise is a great stress reliever. One thing I’ve learned about myself since being at Dragonfly is that what my mind needs for exercise really varies. I had previously gotten into the rut of doing the same thing (kickboxing mostly) over and over again. Each Dragonfly class offers a different way to zone out and focus on the moment. And the Yin classes, oh those Yin classes. Sometimes I have to take a minute before leaving because I’m half asleep.
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Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Jeff Foster


Before starting at Dragonfly, I often had problems with my back. I tried physical therapy and chiropractors with limited success. While at PT, my therapist suggested I try yoga to improve my flexibility. So, I eventually decided to give yoga and Dragonfly a try. I was kind of nervous about trying something so new, but the staff and teachers were very welcoming when I started.

After trying a couple of classes, I was hooked. Quickly I was able to do pretty much anything without having back pain later on. That was over three years ago and I have not had problems with my back since. Before starting my yoga practice, things like playing volleyball or playing ball with my son could give me back problems. Now I can do those activities and more without thinking twice. I’m very happy I took the plunge and gave Dragonfly a try.
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Downtown Yogi of the Month: Sasha Troha


I’m a 32 year old Madison native. I love to paint, read, hike, bike, snow shoe, canoe, paddle board and go to concerts and plays. I also really love Yoga and Barre. I just finished my 101 class Summer challenge at Dragonfly. On average, I practice yoga every weekday and go to Flyght 2-5 times a week. It all depends on my schedule, but I love to take yoga and spinning back to back. It gives you quite the endorphin rush!

When I was 18, I took my first Bikram hot yoga class at Perfect Knot and fell in love with the poses, the heat and the mixture of energy and relaxation I felt afterwards. In all my life, I had never felt so good after working out. I was hooked, but after the Perfect Knot closed I couldn’t find a studio that made me feel at home until Dragonfly.
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