Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Melanie Stebbins


My Dragonfly experience began when some young friends from work invited me to join them for a $5 Flow class on a Saturday afternoon last Fall. I was super nervous because I’ve never been much of an athlete and was intimidated by my ideas of what a “Yoga Studio” would be like. My friends assured me they would not let me embarrass myself and that it would be fun. My only experience with yoga was a video class, usually held in the privacy of my own basement (shout out to Kathryn Buddig and Aim True). And although I knew I was learning yoga, I was still very curious if I was on the right track. I thought some feedback would be helpful…
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Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Jenna Garnett


A year ago, I set foot into Heather’s Flow 75, having never taken a yoga class in my life. Despite my efforts to scour the Dragonfly website for every single tip and trick of the trade, I remember worrying about everything: my mat (is it too thick?), towel (is it the right size?), pants (are they going to be too hot?), choice of hairstyle (is it going to fall down?), what others would think of me (I guess I know child’s pose?), if I was going to make it through class (what if I throw up or faint?). I was agonizing about everything except whether or not I was going to enjoy myself. Halfway through, I was surprised at how comfortable I felt with the entire experience. Afterwards, I knew I was hooked and soon, I began to crave coming to class. It wasn’t just about the yoga. It was about feeling at home: accepted, appreciated, and most importantly, understood.
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Middleton Yogi of the Month: Felipe Hernandez


I got started with Dragonfly through the use of a Groupon deal during the Fall of 2012. I had taken about a year to explore the different venues around town to see what each was like and what they offered. After exploring all the options that I had, I decided on Dragonfly because of the variety of classes and awesome staff (and I live super close).

Prior to coming to Dragonfly, I had just begun exploring yoga. I was introduced to yoga through a class I took during massage school. It intrigued me and it was fun.

I love the variety of classes at Dragonfly. It’s so much more than just a yoga studio. I have definitely noticed a change in my well-being, both physically and mentally. My practice provides me the opportunity to challenge myself and I’ve gained a deeper sense of focus.
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