Have Yoga, Will’s Travels


I have been in Ecuador for almost a week and already have had so many amazing experiences that it is hard to pick a few to write about.

My wife and I will be traveling for a total of a month, starting in Ecuador for a wedding and then moving on to Rio de Janeiro for Carnival, and then to Florianopolis, the Hawai’i of South America, which is also my wife’s home town.

Ecuador is amazingly beautiful. There are two regions in the country, the coastal plains and the Andes Mountains. We are planning on staying in the Andes during this trip, but hear that the coast is lovely. It is very green here. It is the rainy season and rains every afternoon around 4 pm, so we have been trying to get out and be tourists in the morning.
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Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Patrick Chounet


I started Dragonfly back in October when Marybeth Mayo convinced me to buy the Groupon. I was not looking to join a gym/fitness studio, as I figured that I had everything I needed in my apartment gym (which is pretty much 2 treadmills and a weight machine), and I certainly wasn’t looking to join some crazy yoga studio where I would willingly sit in 90 degrees for an hour! I figured $40, why not try it out, write it off as a life experience and be done with it forever. How naive I was! I quickly fell in love with hot yoga, and got sucked in.

Before Dragonfly, I had never done a yoga class before. The extent of my “yoga” was pretending to do it on the Wii Fit when I lived with my parents back in high school! I was very intimidated coming into my first class, but I left feeling very comfortable with it. I did not feel like people were watching and judging me based on how I held the poses.
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Middleton Yogi of the Month: Scott Chase


In November of 2012, I had a really bad accident which resulted in a broken leg with multiple pins and rods used to repair it. After months of recovery and physical therapy, my strength and flexibility in my leg wasn’t at the point to resume all the physical activities I enjoy doing.

I was given the recommendation to add yoga to my fitness routine. My work out preference has always been the hotter the better. It was apparent to me that if I was going to do Yoga, it was going to be in the heat. I did some research and tried a few studios in the area, but I soon realized that Dragonfly was the best hot yoga studio around.
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