Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Patrick Chounet | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Patrick Chounet


I started Dragonfly back in October when Marybeth Mayo convinced me to buy the Groupon. I was not looking to join a gym/fitness studio, as I figured that I had everything I needed in my apartment gym (which is pretty much 2 treadmills and a weight machine), and I certainly wasn’t looking to join some crazy yoga studio where I would willingly sit in 90 degrees for an hour! I figured $40, why not try it out, write it off as a life experience and be done with it forever. How naive I was! I quickly fell in love with hot yoga, and got sucked in.

Before Dragonfly, I had never done a yoga class before. The extent of my “yoga” was pretending to do it on the Wii Fit when I lived with my parents back in high school! I was very intimidated coming into my first class, but I left feeling very comfortable with it. I did not feel like people were watching and judging me based on how I held the poses.

Everyone is so friendly here. The instructors and the students alike are all so welcoming, that the mood makes it a joy to come to practice everyday. I think it is wonderful to have the tea lounge available at each location where people can sit and relax after class and build relationships with each other. It is also great to have so many different classes. I love the variety between everything. I can choose hot or mild, Yoga or Power, Pound or Yin whenever I want! You don’t even have to worry about the day, because most days you can find mostly all of the classes offered!

I’ve been on an overall lifestyle change throughout this past year. I had started off fairly strong losing 50 pounds up until May. Then, I hit a phase where I stayed right around the same weight. Since joining Dragonfly, I have gotten back on track and have dropped an additional 15 pounds. But in addition to the physical change, I find it so much easier to stay calm in stressful situations and be more in control of my emotional states. I am much happier and have a lot more energy now than I used to as well!

I try to do at least one class a day. However, I usually miss a day somewhere in the week due to other commitments, so I make up for it by doubling up other days! Sounds a bit impossible just thinking about it, but if you motivate yourself and plan your week out, it can definitely be done! My favorite class is a toss-up between Joe’s Saturday Slow Flow and Amy’s Power on any day of the week! These classes are completely different dynamics, but they are fantastic classes, and I highly recommend trying them if you haven’t already.

Fun facts about me: I am a performer in my spare time. I love to sing and act. So if I start singing along to a song in class, don’t mind me. I contain it to Power though where I won’t disturb anyone’s mood though :)

Instructor Joe Beaudoin: “Patrick is one of those yogis who could accurately be described as ‘started from the bottom, now he’s here!’ Patrick first came to my classes wiped out, yet determined. Nowadays I glance over to check on him at times and find he’s holding crow arm balances for five breaths at a time. Dedicated, determined, and absolutely in love with his practice, it is not a surprise to me that Patrick will be honored as YOM for Feb. 2014.”