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Kaitlin K.




I took my first hot yoga class approximately 8 years ago while in high school at Dragonfly. I immediately fell in love with the heat, the challenge, and the calmness my body felt. I’ve enjoyed attending classes that cater just to what I need that day, whether it’s a good sweat and challenge or an opportunity to be slow and relaxed.

Favorite Pose

Happy baby pose! It always gives me the best stretch and I love it’s name!

Favorite Quote

“Keep watering yourself, you’re growing.”

Why I Love Dragonfly

Dragonfly, specifically, is why I fell in love with hot yoga. The moment I entered the studio for the first time, I felt an aura of warmth and acceptance from the instructors and overall environment. The instructors at Dragonfly provide such a positive and uplifting environment that makes me feel strong and confident.

Little Known Fact About Me

I have a kitten named Kody, soon to be 6 months, who I named to have the same initials as me (KK), he is the best!