Sun Prairie Yogi of the Month: Karen Ball

It was about two years ago when I vividly remember saying, “I’m struggling, I can feel it.” I have a history of depression and I could feel myself slipping. I remember giving myself a choice, go back to yoga or go back to therapy. I had a good friend courageously join me for the introductory month at Dragonfly. I’ve been a member ever since.

I have always had a love of yoga within me. Unfortunately, as a parent of two small children yoga was sacrificed. I hadn’t been to a yoga class for years when I joined DFLY. From the first class I attended it became very clear, it didn’t matter if this was my first class or my 1,000th class, I had a place here.
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Middleton Yogi of the Month: Rob Ringeisen

There was not much yoga in my life before Dragonfly. I had tried P90x and thought the yoga section was hard! A friend had lost weight and solved his nagging back problems through hot yoga. I was intrigued so I started with a 5:30 AM Flow class with Suki.

I love the whole class experience. I find it significantly more motivating and satisfying than my prior training. I find Flow and Yin classes very calming. Taking a variety of yoga classes overall has significantly increased my flexibility and reduced my shoulder/back pain. I attend 4-5 classes per week. Yoga Up is my current favorite class.
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Fitchburg Yogis of the Month: Tammy Holtan Arnol & Denise Quinn

Tammy started in the fall of 2015, attending Sunday Slow Flow, Monday Core Flow and Tuesday Yoga Up, on the recommendation of her husband. Soon after she started, she invited Denise to join her at Shawn Smith’s Yoga Up, because she knows how Denise enjoys an athletic challenge. Denise took a few months to mull it over, terrified by Tammy’s challenging description and her affectionate nick name for it, MoFoYo. Denise gave it a try in February of 2016 and was instantly hooked. Shawn always says, “The class doesn’t get easier, you just get better,” and we couldn’t agree more.

We didn’t have yoga practices before taking classes at Dragonfly. Like a lot of people, we’d taken a yoga class here and there (but never hot yoga), and had done some at-home yoga videos. So, we knew what a down dog was, but not much more than that!
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