Middleton Yogi of the Month: Rob Ringeisen | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Middleton Yogi of the Month: Rob Ringeisen

There was not much yoga in my life before Dragonfly. I had tried P90x and thought the yoga section was hard! A friend had lost weight and solved his nagging back problems through hot yoga. I was intrigued so I started with a 5:30 AM Flow class with Suki.

I love the whole class experience. I find it significantly more motivating and satisfying than my prior training. I find Flow and Yin classes very calming. Taking a variety of yoga classes overall has significantly increased my flexibility and reduced my shoulder/back pain. I attend 4-5 classes per week. Yoga Up is my current favorite class.

It is hard for me to imagine NOT coming to Dragonfly. I think the instructors are really fantastic. I am continually amazed at the fitness level of my fellow members. Lastly, I love pushing the limit of what I am capable of and the comradery of the classes.

Instructor Ashley Bruckner: “Rob’s demeanor is unassuming, he may mostly keep to himself in the studio, but the more I’ve gotten to know him I’ve realized he is quite a character! Rob’s personality is the same on the mat, and I often use him as a barometer of where I need to take the class because he consistently brings strength and determination to his workouts. I’m so excited that he is 2018’s first YOM; he definitely deserves the recognition for his dedication!”