Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Jennie Clement


I was looking for a new studio to experience hot yoga and talked with some friends who had been enjoying classes at Dragonfly. They assured me I would love it! I stopped by Dragonfly in Fitchburg to see what the studio had to offer in terms of classes and scheduling. After talking through the information on the booklet, the gentleman helping me suggested I try the $40.00 introduction offer. He encouraged me to try a variety of classes, teachers, and locations to see what worked for me. GREAT ADVICE! I fell in love with Dragonfly. Prior to Dragonfly I took yoga classes at my health club for several years. I also tried hot yoga at a studio that was near my home and when the studio closed my love of hot yoga led me to Dragonfly.
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Middleton Yogi of the Month: Alexis Balgeman


When I first moved to Madison after college to start my job, I was looking for someplace to workout daily. I debated joining a gym, but always found myself becoming bored with the routine thirty to forty-five minutes of cardio and weight lifting. I wanted something with variety and something that could challenge me. After some research, I found Dragonfly and their introductory month for new students. Once I began, I didn’t want to stop.
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