Middleton Yogi of the Month: Amanda Utz


I had been interested in starting yoga when I stumbled upon and purchased the Dragonfly Groupon shortly after the Middleton studio opened. During the few months after my purchase, I only attended one or two classes. Over the next several months, my job became increasingly demanding of my time. I realized that I needed to find a more effective outlet for my stressful days and an improved work-life balance and mindset. So I made a commitment to go to a yoga class once a week after work. Once a week quickly turned into twice a week and soon, I was almost out of passes. I debated making a commitment to a monthly membership and quickly convinced myself that as long as I went twice a week, it would be worth it.
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Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Cameron Neusen


I live pretty close to Dragonfly and I had driven past it numerous times. It looked inviting and I wanted to try out yoga, so I took a couple of classes and I was hooked! I did not have any yoga experience before Dragonfly, but I danced for eight years (the dance background really helps me out in the Pound classes).

I love the fact that Dragonfly offers both fitness and yoga classes. The teachers have so much positive energy and I can always count on Dragonfly to put me in a better mood. Dragonfly classes have really helped me manage anxiety and stress. My body feels a lot more toned and fit since I’ve started at Dragonfly. I’m also a runner and I’ve seen improvement in my running. Power Up or Yoga Up classes are perfect for cross training and the Flow classes feel great after a long run.
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