Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Cameron Neusen | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Cameron Neusen


I live pretty close to Dragonfly and I had driven past it numerous times. It looked inviting and I wanted to try out yoga, so I took a couple of classes and I was hooked! I did not have any yoga experience before Dragonfly, but I danced for eight years (the dance background really helps me out in the Pound classes).

I love the fact that Dragonfly offers both fitness and yoga classes. The teachers have so much positive energy and I can always count on Dragonfly to put me in a better mood. Dragonfly classes have really helped me manage anxiety and stress. My body feels a lot more toned and fit since I’ve started at Dragonfly. I’m also a runner and I’ve seen improvement in my running. Power Up or Yoga Up classes are perfect for cross training and the Flow classes feel great after a long run.

I try to come to Dragonfly at least 5 times a week. My favorite classes are the Power Up and Yoga Up classes. I love the mixture of cardio, strength training, and yoga!

I recently got a tattoo of a dragonfly on my ankle. I wanted a tattoo that had symbolic significance. I chose the dragonfly because it symbolizes living in the moment and lightness/keeping a positive attitude. When I came across the symbolism of a dragonfly, I knew it would be perfect for a tattoo, especially because I love Dragonfly Hot Yoga! Dragonfly has helped me gain confidence and build both mental and physical strength.

Before I came to Dragonfly, I thought the idea of working out/doing yoga in a hot room sounded crazy. The heat took a little bit of getting used to, but now I absolutely love it! It feels so good (especially in the winter) to step into the hot studio and detoxify your body. I feel honored to be chosen as yogi of the month! :) Thank you!

Instructor Katie Monk: “Whether in Yoga Up, Pound or Flow, Cameron brings a serene and focused presence into the studio. Almost always smiling, her kind nature is just the tip of the iceberg. She is a fierce practitioner with determination, drive and focus; and yet she has a gentle calm and balancing side. Cameron motivates others to push themselves to find their edge, and put simply, it is always a pleasure to have Cameron in class!”