Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Tami Raitt


The fall of 2013 was rough- I experienced some personal and professional challenges that allowed me the opportunity to explore different ways to manage my stress, anxiety and weight more effectively. I knew something had to give and a friend recommended I give Dragonfly a shot. I purchased the Groupon and started on November 1st. Within 3 classes, I had signed up for the monthly membership and I have never looked back!

I had practiced yoga on and off, loved it but never found the environment that spoke to me, and allowed me to feel a sense of belonging. When I walked into Dragonfly, the warm, inviting environment was evident from the start. After a tough day at work, going to Dfly–I truly feel welcomed and that the staff is happy to see me there. I do not feel like just another name or body coming into a workout class. I feel that each of the instructors can see the strength and passion in each person and truly welcomes them to every class they attend.
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Middleton Yogi of the Month: Lynn Lanning


Six years ago after my daughter Sarah Sky was born, I joined a local gym. I was actively involved in taking the Group Classes offered at this gym – Body Combat, Body Sculpt, and Body Pump to name a few. A good friend of mine encouraged me to try the new Hot Yoga that our gym was now offering. One of the first classes I tried was Fire. Needless to say, I was hooked! I will admit, I struggled at first but simply loved all that this class had to offer and especially how it made me feel for days afterwards. I began talking about “Fire” to everyone I knew and came across a client of mine that loved Fire as well. She encouraged me to come with her to Dragonfly. The minute I walked into the studio, I was greeted by the warmest smiles, truly the friendliest professionals I had encountered in a long time. When I walked into the Middleton Studio, the heat was incredible – I loved it!!!!! It was a true 105 degrees, no panels and no space heaters. This was the real deal. I came back to practice at Dfly the very next day and this time I heard, “Hey Lynn, welcome back!” I instantly felt right at home.
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