Middleton Yogi of the Month: Liz Waldinger | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Middleton Yogi of the Month: Liz Waldinger


My friend and I started at Dragonfly with the free trial class. I had very little yoga experience so I was looking forward to learning something new. The first class I attended was Fire. I enjoyed the heat of the room, as it added a new challenge of focusing on breathing.

As my attendance increased over the introductory month, I found myself trying all of the different classes. I attended almost every day, which helped me begin this healthy routine. While exploring all the classes Dragonfly has to offer, I discovered that my favorite classes are the Yoga Up classes. The weight training, cardio intervals and yoga poses truly make a complete class that meet my needs.

One of the reasons I choose Dragonfly Hot Yoga is because of the great instructors; they are personable and motivating and I feel connected to this community.

Since I have a pretty busy schedule during the week, I try to fit in as many classes as possible after work. Because there are so many class options, I have been able to take at least 4 classes a week! My job can sometimes be stressful so it is awesome to be able to come to Dragonfly after work to help reset for the next day. Since going to Dragonfly I have learned new ways to manage stress.

Instructor Kim Guenther: “Liz is always smiling and ready to work! We love her enthusiasm in Yoga Up! She embodies everything I love about our community. Acceptance, love and fun!”

Instructor Tiffany Geier: “Liz’s practice and presence continually puts a smile on my face. She exudes the perfect combination of playfulness, grace, patience, and strength. This is exemplified both on her mat, and off. It has been an honor to be a small part in Liz’s yoga and Dragonfly life. I am excited to see all the places she will go!”