Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Jennifer Grinder | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Jennifer Grinder


My good friend, Susan, invited me to my first class at Dragonfly back in March of this year. I am so thankful she encouraged me. Susan continues to be a great motivator for me, as do the other friends and co-workers with whom I attend classes.

Going into my first class at Dragonfly, I understood some of the basic poses of yoga but had not practiced regularly. My yoga experience was very minimal and I had not been to a class in years and had never attended regularly.

My favorite part of attending classes at Dragonfly is the kindness of the teachers. It doesn’t matter if I feel I have performed at my best or worst during that class, they never judge and are always there with helpful instruction. I never feel out of place or uncomfortable in classes.

Everything has changed since I began taking classes at Dragonfly. Mentally and physically I am much better off than when I first started. Mentally, I am able to handle stressful or challenging situations with a calm and graceful manner. When a stressful or challenging situation does come along, I am able to recognize it as an opportunity to grow as a person. Most importantly, yoga has taught me to let go of that which does not serve me. My physical changes have been remarkable as well. Aside from weight loss that naturally comes from an increase in physical activity, I notice my physical strength more than ever. I am constantly noticing improvements in various poses. I have learned to celebrate the smallest improvements and not consume myself with negativity when I am unable to accomplish a full expression of a pose.

I try to attend one yoga class and one cardio class 5 times a week, for a total of 10 classes a week. Taking a Flow class followed by a Power Up class is my favorite combination. My favorite class has to be Power Up with Katie Monk. She is so full of life and energy, and I always know she will push her class to its limits.

Picking out my yoga schedule has become my favorite part of the week, next to actually attending classes of course. Everyone is so supportive and friendly and Dragonfly is such a great community, which is why I love bringing people in to try it for their first time!

Instructor Kim Guenther: “I love that Jennifer takes a variety of classes at Dragonfly and has a well rounded practice. It is inspiring to me to see people try different classes and different instructors as we all have something different to provide to our clients. Jennifer embodies that attitude and works so hard! I love that she plays around with different classes and in different orders, seeing what works for her and what doesn’t. And she does it in a mindful, safe way. She seems to love to mix it up and I love that about her!”