Middleton Yogi of the Month: Sarah Parpart | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Middleton Yogi of the Month: Sarah Parpart


I got started at Dragonfly through the introductory one month unlimited pass. I had been looking for a new regimen in my life that would help with stress, strength, and weight and had been interested in trying yoga. In researching studios, Dragonfly seemed to offer everything I was looking for and more, with hot yoga and a great atmosphere. I wanted to do the unlimited offer so that I could try a variety of different classes and find my niche.

I had very limited experience with yoga prior to Dragonfly. I had tried a two or three classes that had been offered on-site through my employers, and those were more “one size fits all” prepackaged classes to accommodate the varying skill levels on-site.

What I enjoy most at Dragonfly is the environment. I take a variety of classes and I fit in all of them. Dragonfly teachers help me work up in classes I’m proficient at and work down a bit in harder classes. They assist me during class and keep me motivated outside of class, and they are genuinely interested in making me feel successful. When I was FINALLY able to make it through all my high planks in Barre without dropping to my knees, Mairin was watching and congratulated me. I’m not her only student, but that day I felt like it.

I’ve experienced a lot of positive changes in my well-being with Dragonfly and I feel good now. That sounds like a simple statement, but it’s not. I feel enabled now. I have muscles I didn’t know I had, I’ve eliminated knots, stress, and pain. My clothes fit, I breathe better, and I’m more confident pushing myself to do more. I can also go home on days I can’t make it to the studio and I have the tools to continue my practice at home.

I currently attend classes 6 days a week. I take a variety of classes during the week: BarreAmped, BarreAmped Fire, Slow Flow, Yoga Up, and Yin. Yin is my favorite class. It provides me with great stretching and flexibility and the ability to release stress, decompress, and shut of the busyness of my life for an hour. I try to make it to Yin three times a week- it’s the staple in my routine.

I love Dragonfly; it’s all around convenient and positive. I’m excited for the Sun Prairie studio to open so I can look at other opportunities to add to my routine!

Instructor Mairin Ryan: “”It has been an absolute joy watching Sarah progress in her practice and push herself each and every day to do her best and then some. As a teacher nothing is more inspiring than a student who consistently dedicates time for themselves and when both of you can see and admire their progress. Whether in Barre, Yoga Up, or any other class Sarah attends you can be sure that she will be giving her all and with a smile on her face. Each day I look forward to having her in my class and sharing her positive energy with everyone!”