Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Shanna Erickson


I started at Dragonfly a few years ago with the Fire classes. I really enjoy the heat. Although I loved the classes, I wasn’t able to make them part of a regular routine, that is, until this past June. I was able to take a 6:30am Yoga Up class with Kim. She is fabulous and I loved the class. Unfortunately, my schedule only allowed for really early morning classes, so I started taking Flow at 5:30am. I fell in LOVE with this class, the teachers/staff and fellow students.

Prior to becoming a Dragonfly member, I started with hot yoga back in 2008, taking the occasional Bikram/Fire class.
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Middleton Yogi of the Month: Casey Collins


In late 2008, after many chronic health issues, I was diagnosed with late-stage chronic neurological Lyme Disease, a tick-borne illness that causes severe fatigue, joint inflammation, mood issues and a myriad of other symptoms. The illness caused me to lose my career, my health, financial stability, and the “normalcy of life” that I – and many of us – take for granted. At some points during the illness, basic activities like walking were difficult, and the pain was quite intolerable.

Fortunately for me, after 2.5 years of aggressive antibiotic therapy, I began on a path to recovery. As would be expected, my system was completely toxic from both disease and the medications over the prior seven years. While not a Dfly member at the time, after the incredibly debilitating illness, I began taking hot yoga classes as a means of improving my mentation, managing stress, rebuilding my body and detoxifying my body. While it was very difficult at first, I started to make good progress in my practice. Two years later I feel that I am in a much better place physically.
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