Middleton Yogi of the Month: Jonathan Krogman


I spent my childhood and adult life competing in sports and training in preparation for those sports. I was always one dimensional with my approach. Weight training. That worked when I was younger, but as I tacked on the years it began to take its toll. The sports and training related injuries began piling up. I was quickly learning the hard way what happens to a body as it ages.

I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel with regards to my active lifestyle, however; I had to discover an alternative approach as my old approach of weight training was only making things worse. I came across some articles extolling the virtues of yoga, specifically hot yoga. It seemed like it could be my fountain of youth.
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Fitchburg Yogi of the Month: Tammy Wenzel


I was introduced to Dragonfly Hot Yoga through a friend and the free trial pass. On occasion, I would do a Yoga DVD, but did not have a consistent practice or any studio experience.

After a stressful day of constantly putting out fires, it is nice to have time where the only person I need to focus on is ME! It’s relaxing, but hard work.

I’m still a Type-A personality, but I can manage stress and frustration so much better since I’ve started a consistent, regular practice. I have less back pain and my mind is clear. Having a regular yoga practice has allowed me to unplug and turn off all the white noise from a crazy day at the office. It’s amazing what one little hour can do!
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