Middleton Yogi of the Month: Erin Green


During a cold winter afternoon while buried in my work I did not realize the person about to walk through the door would change my life forever. This special person dropped off some free class passes from Dragonfly Hot Yoga. I am someone who absolutely despises cold temperatures so to me this sounded like a great escape! Coupled with the fact I’m a workout junkie I figured it would be a win-win situation for me.

Prior to joining Dragonfly I had been involved with Yoga through another health club in Madison and had also wore out the carpet in my living room with my Jillian Michaels yoga meltdown DVD. While I always enjoyed yoga in the past I had not always felt I had superior yoga workouts. However, this was all about to change as I would soon be entering the oasis that is Dragonfly hot yoga. The thing I enjoy most about attending classes at Dragonfly is the variety of classes that are offered and diversity in each instructor along with the positive reinforcement and energy you get from each of them!
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