Fitchburg & Middleton Yogi of the Month: Peggy Harting | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Fitchburg & Middleton Yogi of the Month: Peggy Harting

Peggy, an ER nurse of 22 years, believes Hot Yoga to be the best gift she has ever given herself. The physical demand of her job was all the activity she thought she needed. Fitness outside of work was not a part of her lifestyle.

Her daughter-in-law suggested they try out Dragonfly Hot Yoga as a way to bring wellness into Peggy’s life. She began with our Introductory One Month Unlimited offer. “I wanted the start of my fitness experience to be well-rounded and thought Hot Yoga would be a great place to start. The combination of relaxation and fitness really sparked my interest.”

Peggy started with our Fire class and fell in love. She appreciated the set sequence, as it helped her know what to expect each class which, in turn, provided time to build confidence in each pose. Warrior II is the pose Peggy finds to be the most beautiful and powerful. “Hot Yoga is a perfect blend of strength and beauty. I feel amazing ever since I started the practice. It has unlocked something inside of me! I want everyone to experience what it can do for them physically and mentally.”

From Tola Neils- Studio Manager– “I enjoy meeting new clients every day, and I love it when they tell me they want to try Hot Yoga because they have seen what it has done for their friend, coworker or loved one. Peggy is a shining example of this and her family and friends have shared with me the change they see in her patience, energy, and overall sense of calm. What a true compliment to Peggy.”

“We are so happy you have found such peacefulness in your practice at Dragonfly. I am inspired watching you move out of your comfort zone to seek out new challenges, like the Flow and Core classes.”

My Favorite Peggy moment: “Feeling her positive energy as she proudly whipped off her jacket and showed me her toned arms. What a smile!”