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Tiffany G.

Director of Teacher Training & Instructor



My Teaching Style

I love bringing a playful and challenging approach to my yoga classes. The sequences I create and the opportunities you will have to explore within a pose, will challenge you to find your very own edge. You will leave class feeling reenergized and empowered!


200 hour Teacher Training with Deborah Williamson. Physical Education Teacher for 25 years in the Madison Metropolitan School District. Bachelor of Science in Education, with a degree in Physical Education and Adaptive Physical Education. Masters of Science in Education.

Favorite Pose

Warrior 2 - It feels so fierce, and love the energy of a class full of Warriors.

Favorite Quote

“Character is best defined by how you act when you think nobody is watching.”

Why I Love Dragonfly

Seriously, Dragonfly is where it's at! There is no other studio like it. Upon taking my first class here, I felt a sense of warmth, community, and connection to the whole environment. The instructors, staff, and physical space just feels like a second home to me.

Which actress would play me in a movie?

Amy Poehler

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