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My Teaching Style

My goal for each class is to leave each client feeling better than they did before they came in! Whether that be through challenging the body, focusing on presence, setting intention personal to them, or even just vibing to some good tunes.


I started my journey with Dragonfly by taking primarily UP classes and a few flow classes here and there. I played Division-I Hockey in Minnesota during college, so I was always looking for classes to keep me active or stretch out my muscles. I loved that the UP classes brought out my inner athlete! After taking more classes, I decided to complete the UP training certifications to continue my journey as an instructor.

Favorite Pose

Reverse Warrior: I love feeling strength in my legs as they push through the mat and I love the feeling of taking up space as my upper body and core feel a nice stretch.

Favorite Quote

“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you DO have power over, instead of craving control over what you don’t.”
– Steve Maraboli

Why I Love Dragonfly

I love Dragonfly because every class is an opportunity to set intention that is individualized to ME. I always feel assured knowing I can take each class the way that feels best for me that day.

Little Known Fact About Me

I am the daughter of Tiffany G., who has been teaching at Dragonfly since 2012!

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