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Tammy H.A.




RYS 200 Hour

My Teaching Style

I love to create opportunities for us to challenge limiting beliefs. Whether it be through a playful headstand prep, a mantra or meditation, I like to create experiences that give us the opportunity to feel accepted for who we are as well as discover new versions of ourselves.


I dabbled with yoga for years before joining Dragonfly in 2015, and I have gotten my membership worth ever since! You’ll find me at Flow, Slow Flow, Fire Fusion, Yoga Up, Power Up, Circuit Up and more!

Favorite Pose

Wheel (Urdhva Dhanurasana) because it represents all of the poses that I couldn’t do before I joined Dragonfly.

Favorite Quote

“Let’s be yogis on the mat and yogis in the parking lot.” (Well…I said that..lol!)

Why I Love Dragonfly

I have met SO MANY wonderful people and I LOVE that I can get all of my cardio, strength, balance and mindfulness needs met between the Dragonfly locations.

Little Known Fact About Me

My favorite Dragonfly moment was when I was doing a yoga class in an orthopedic boot several months after breaking my ankle. At the end of class, the young yogi next to me said, “You are such a badass.” She scooted off before I got her name, but I hope she knows the impact she had on me. I walked out of the studio ten feet tall that day!

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