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Jen C.



Dragonfly Hot Yoga Barre Teacher Training Certification

My Teaching Style

This is your time to strengthen yourself physically and mentally, and I am here to encourage and cheer you along. I will be alongside, doing the ups and holds, and feeling the burn. I encourage you to lower that extra inch or do the extra rep and leave feeling empowered with a smile on your face.


My Dragonfly journey started with me wiggling and wobbling in a Flow class. Once I built the foundation of the general poses, I started with Yoga Up, Circuit up, and Barre. I decided to get Barre teacher certified to have a strong foundation in core and pelvic floor strength, which was especially helpful shortly after giving birth to my second.

Favorite Pose

Pretzel! It works the side glutes and hams and the burn feels so good during and after.

Favorite Quote

“Change doesn't happen if there isn't change."

Why I Love Dragonfly

I love Dragonfly because of the community and encouragement. There isn't judgement on the floor before or during the workout. The gratitude is palpable when the workout is done. It is a space I am able to challenge myself and grow (or fall).

Little Known Fact About Me

My mom (who speaks only Cantonese) moved in with my family in August 2023: husband, 2 kids, 2 dogs, AND 2 cats. Huge transition and learning curve with a full house.

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