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200 CYT
300/500 CYT
50 hour Fascia Yoga Teacher Training

My Teaching Style

I strive for building creative sequences that emphasize grace in both the body and the mind, with a focus on alignment, and opportunities for all levels to find their balance of strength and sweetness. Breath is at the core of it all… breath with movement, breath with stillness. I also enjoy sprinkling in moments for self expression and dance movement, fascia release, and a few laughs.


After almost a decade of consistent practice, the pandemic allowed me to complete my Yoga Teacher Training. I graduated from my 200 hour training in January 2021 through Brett Larkin’s “Uplifted Yoga” program. I enjoyed the experience of expanding my knowledge so much so that I pursued my 500 hour accreditation through the same program, and graduated in June. I still love “getting curious”, and I live for a good “a-ha moment”.

Favorite Pose

Currently, I love Upavistha Konasana. I feel grounded, giving the earth “a little hug”, and that complete balance of “sthira & sukha”.

Favorite Quote

“If I can’t have a little fun, I might as well leave.”
– Snow Miser, “The Year Without A Santa Claus”

Why I Love Dragonfly

I came to Dragonfly when they opened the doors in 2011 looking to heal my body. What I learned, from the compassionate, amazing teachers, staff, and the beautiful people I practiced with, was that what I really needed to heal was my mind. It’s all about the energy that comes with a mix of a lovely space with wonderful people where everyone is not only welcomed, but enjoyed, and free to be just who they are.

Little Known Fact About Me

I still use a paper calendar. Even if I put an appointment in my phone, I have to write in the “yearly book”, and no one in the house can decipher my writing… or so they say.

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