COVID-19 Policies

Whether you will be joining us in person or continue to attend online, we appreciate all of the support and love you have shown us since the pandemic started! Times have been hard for so many of us, and we hope that our in-person classes provide some respite and strength.

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Current COVID Related Policies

Mask policy

  • Due to the current Dane County Mask Mandate, masks are optional for our vaccinated only classes, and temperatures in vax only classes is full heat to 95°. For all other classes, masks are required and temperature of the class is slightly reduced to make it easier with masks.
  • Please also remember that masks are not an indicator of vaccination status, as everyone has a different comfort level, and feeling of personal safety. Our top priority, as it was before the pandemic, and continues to be, making Dragonfly a place for every shape, every size, every person. That includes EVERY BODY! We may disagree, but we still can fly together!

Social Distancing

  • Please continue to practice social distancing at the studio and during class. Our instructors can help facilitate spacing between mats.
  • We will continue to remain under full capacity for all our classes.

Enhanced Cleaning

  • We thoroughly disinfect high touch surfaces between classes.
  • Our HVAC systems have been adjusted (when possible) to provide more outdoor air intake and enhanced filtration.
  • We have placed hand sanitizer and paper towels throughout the studio so you can avoid touching door handles or other surfaces.


  • Props (blocks, straps, weights, bolsters) are available at the studio for your use. You may also bring your own props.
  • After class, please leave your props where they are, we will disinfect them for you.

Symptoms & Health

  • Please stay home if you have any COVID-19 related symptoms in the past 72 hours, or have been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 related symptoms in the past 72 hours, or have been in contact with anyone with a COVID-19 diagnosis in the past 14 days. We will be doing the same.
  • If you need to late cancel due to COVID-19 related illness or symptoms, we will waive late fees. Please email us if you are not feeling well.

What hasn’t changed

  • The heat is on! Our classes are heated unless in the mild room. Temperature will be reduced slightly if masks are required.
  • Cool scented towels! Towels will be placed by your feet before savasana, and just like pre-pandemic times, are provided based on class and teacher preference.
  • Mat and towel rentals are available. Members always get free rentals!
  • Bottled water & coconut water is available for purchase.
  • Water filling stations are open.
  • Restrooms & changing rooms are open.
  • Our showers are available.
  • Our mat cleaning machine is operating. Our staff will sanitize your mat with UV light after class for $1!
  • Feel free to drop-in to class, no need to sign up online in advance if you don’t want to.
  • We accept retail returns on new items within 30 days in unworn condition with tags attached.
  • We accept both credit card and cash payments.
  • Let us know if you forgot something in the studio and we can check our lost & found.
  • Hospitality items, like hair ties, bobby pins and hair dryers are available.
  • Props like weights, blocks, straps and bolsters are available. We will sanitize props after every class. Please put a pillow case (we have them available) over the bolster while using. You are, of course, welcome to bring your own props.
  • The good vibes are strong!
  • Come as you are, we welcome every shape, every size, every person.

Vaccinated Only Classes

Vaccinated only classes was by far the most desired feedback we received from our recent client survey. Please check the schedule for times and locations. This class features:

  • Fully vaccinated people only
  • Masks optional.
  • Capacity will still be somewhat limited
  • All other COVID safety measures listed on this page will remain

If you plan to attend this class, please be ready to provide proof of your full vaccination at check-in:

  • Vaccination card showing that you are at least two weeks past your final vaccination dose (second dose for Pfizer and Moderna, first/only dose for Johnson & Johnson)
  • Picture ID with name that matches your Mindbody account and vaccination card
  • We will note your vaccination in your account for future visits

Vaccinated Only Class FAQs

Is this safe?

Public Health of Madison and Dane County and the CDC have determined it is safe for fully vaccinated people to gather without masks or social distancing. You can read more about it here: and

Will staff be fully vaccinated?

The teacher of the class will be fully vaccinated and may choose not to wear a mask. Desk staff may or may not be fully vaccinated, but they will not enter the studio during class.

Why can’t you offer this for non-vaccinated people?

The current guidance from Public Health of Madison and Dane County and the CDC states that it is only safe for vaccinated people to go maskless and without social distancing. We are committed to following the guidance set by our public health officials and will update our policies as we receive new guidance from them. This is a temporary step as we move back to pre-pandemic policies.

Will you still offer classes for people who are not vaccinated?

Yes! We will continue to offer classes for everyone as we phase out of the pandemic. We always strive to cultivate a welcoming place for EVERY BODY. Vaccinated Only classes are a temporary offering that the majority of Dragonfly clients are requesting.

Online Classes

Join us for classes on your TV, phone, tablet or computer wherever you are! We have a growing library of over 700 on demand and livestream classes. We’ll be waiting to welcome you, no questions asked. Explore and discover everything from our signature Dragonfly classes to a variety of Flow, Yin, Barre, and Fitness classes as well as breakdowns and tutorials.

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Private Classes

Please contact us if you are interested in private group (maximum 11 people) or 1-on-1 classes!

Thank you to each of you for doing your very best to keep our yogis healthy. We will keep you updated as things may change! We want Dragonfly to continue to be a refuge for you and our staff. As always, we are committed to making your in-studio experience as comfortable, clean, and safe as possible. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to