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Yoga Essentials

This class is for those brand new to yoga, or wanting a refresher, or for those that would like to practice with a beginner’s mindset! Common yoga poses will be broken down and practiced in each session. You will explore and receive meaningful feedback on how to use props such as blocks, straps and bolsters and when to effectively use them based on your unique body.

This class, like all of our classes, is welcoming for all, yet it will be slightly different in the fact that there will be opportunities to ask questions throughout. Although the basics will be covered, no two classes will ever be the same. Yoga Essentials will help you gain the confidence and knowledge to feel comfortable attending any of our other classes, as you will acquire the tools needed to find success in all of our Dragonfly offerings.

What we provide: Blocks, straps, and filtered water dispenser

Room Temperature

Hot room

What to Bring

Yoga mat
Also available for rental
Also available for purchase
Also available for rental

Yoga Essentials Class Schedule