Amber M. | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Amber M.

I got started at Dfly because I took a yoga class for a credit in college and fell in love. When Dfly opened I’d never done hot yoga before but quickly realized I preferred hot over the normal temperature.

I love the variety of classes that Dfly offers. I’ve had some pregnancies and surgeries throughout the time I’ve been going to Dfly and I’ve had to adjust what I’m capable of doing and I love that freedom.

I typically attend class around 4-5 times a week. My favorite classes are Cardio Barre 45 and Slow Flow and Meditation.

I was over the moon when the new Verona location opened as I live 2 minutes away! Dfly feels like home and it’s something that I not only need in my weekly routine but really crave!

Instructor Lindsey Loeffler: “Amber is such a strong person and so deserving of the Yogi of the Month! She pushes herself each class but knows when to listen to her body and modify or progress an exercise. She is a busy mom of 3 yet makes time for herself by getting to class at 5:30am! You’re amazing, Amber!”