Serena R. | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Serena R.

My journey as a yogi commenced when a family friend recommended Dfly following a torn ACL at the age of 15. The studio’s diverse class options, coupled with the therapeutic heat, significantly aided my post-physical therapy recovery, facilitating the restoration of full strength and flexibility.

Before joining Dfly, my exposure to yoga and barre was limited to occasional sessions at my parents’ gym. However, upon entering Dfly, I immediately felt embraced by its nurturing community. The support and encouragement from fellow practitioners, regardless of age or physical ability, fostered a sense of belonging akin to being part of a motivating and inspiring family. Despite losing motivation to practice at home during the onset of COVID-19, I recommitted to my practice upon becoming a college student at UW-Madison.

Since my return, I’ve dedicated myself to attending 5-7 classes per week, witnessing profound physical and mental transformations while bolstering my confidence and overall wellness. This past winter, I embarked on online teacher training, inspired by the desire to extend the same solace, challenge, and support that Dfly instructors have offered me throughout the years to others.

While my favorite classes are the invigorating hot yoga flow sessions, I also prioritize a weekly yin class to balance my practice. Incorporating double heaters, I ensure to push myself and fully engage in the sweat-inducing experience. Dfly transcends mere studio status for me; it’s a sanctuary where I can recharge, evolve, and cultivate resilience amidst life’s trials, courtesy of the transformative power of hot yoga.