Kristine W. | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Kristine W.

How did you get started at Dfly?
I was a casual Yogi for many years, picking up classes once in a while here and there. I decided to commit to a practice with the opening of the Verona studio.

What was your yoga/barre experience before Dfly?
Yoga was something I did to support my other athletic endeavors but it was never the focus. I would do occasional Flow or Yin classes at various studios.

What do you enjoy most from attending Dfly classes?
There is so much! What I enjoy the most is the challenge without feeling like I need to be competitive with others or with myself. We are all there doing what we need to that day in that class with full support and without judgment.

Have you experienced any changes in your total well-being since taking classes?
Absolutely! My mind and body are much calmer and feel better regulated. I’m also not a youngster and have accumulated normal wear and tear in my body from living a good life. Yoga and movement in the heated studio has been wonderful for my body, specifically for my arthritis and troubled joints. My mobility has greatly improved and increased since committing to a regular practice.

How often do you attend classes? Favorite class?
My goal is to attend a minimum of three classes a week. My favorite classes are Flow and Power Flow.

Please feel free to share any other thoughts you have about Dfly, hot yoga, or your life as we would love to know more about you.
Joining Dfly and committing to a practice has brought me more than I ever expected. Every class I have tried has been fun and challenging, yet still honors my body and mind and where I’m at that day. Every instructor has been fun and grounded and truly caring about each class. What an amazing community!

Instructor Mandy Krey: “I am nominating Kristine for Yogi of the Month. Kristine has been consistently attending my flow class since we opened in Verona. She always brings a warm smile and makes me, as the teacher, feel welcome and appreciated. As a former weightlifter, Kristine is finding a new strength in yoga.”