Carol B. | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Carol B.

About 10 years ago a friend invited me to attend a class at Dfly with her. I remember entering the warm room, it felt so good! The class was challenging, but I felt great afterwards and immediately knew I wanted to return. I took advantage of the class pass sales, until the Verona Builders Membership became available and jumped on that right away.

Dragonfly was my first experience with yoga. I had done a lot of group aerobic exercise classes and always thought that was most beneficial. After learning yoga and starting to practice yoga, I discovered the mental and physical balance that comes with it. Around the same time I first attended a Dfly class I also tried Barre and really enjoyed that also, even working the front desk at a local studio.

Entering a warm space in the middle of winter is very soothing and relaxing, along with instructors that are very good at guiding you through the class, helping to challenge yourself while honoring where you are at, helps me to feel strong in mind, body and spirit. Also a good sweat has so many great benefits!

Since attending classes regularly at least 3 times a week I have more energy, sleep quality has improved, I feel grounded and strong.

It is hard to say what my favorite class is, so far I really enjoy Yoga Up/Power Up. It is a super great workout and always leaves me feeling invigorated. Both Barre and Cardio Barre leave me feeling strong and help in everyday functional movements. Attending a Flow 60 or Slow Flow class is always a great way to unwind and relax after a day’s work. My hope is to try all the classes at some point.

I have always enjoyed group exercise and Dragonfly has so many class options with great locations. The instructors all have positive energy, are knowledgeable, fun and friendly. The front desk staff are always helpful, friendly and greet me by name! Joining DFLY was the best thing I could do for myself!

Instructor Cole Jordee: “Carol is such a joy to have in class! Her consistency and dedication to make it to her mat, especially early on Saturday mornings, is inspiring and seeing the same smiling face every week is very motivating from an instructor’s perspective. Dragonfly is about community, and Carol exemplifies that by her warm greetings, constructive feedback, studio interactions, and even recruiting new yogis. Congrats Carol on a well-deserved recognition!