Sunni C. | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Sunni C.

My journey started with me asking a friend who practices/teaches yoga a simple question. Her answer/advice keeps replaying itself in my mind, till one day I just decide to put myself in motion and see where it would take me. My beautiful friend has been planting that seed for many years, and 2023 it took root. I couldn’t be more surprised how wonderful my journey with yoga would turn out to be.

As I entered what I call my 3rd stage of life (over 50 under 75), my body and mind were starting to give out on me. The one thing I couldn’t cope with was not being able to walk down stairs without having to go sideways. There wasn’t anything wrong with me except for the fact I sit at a desk way too many hours a day and my body and mind were not challenged like they should be. I had to get out of my own way – and put aside the fear of not being good as, or flexible as, or fast as. I just needed to show up.

But what I can tell you that I have already noticed in this very short journey — is that I now can walk down stairs without going sideways, and I can walk upstairs without pulling myself up with the rail. When I’m walking, my shoulders are no longer in my ears. (By the way, that was a bad look on me.) And all my sticky spots, you know what I’m talking about — neck, shoulders, between the shoulder blades – the list could go on, but I’ll spare you. These areas are not so sticky any more.

I am beyond grateful for my friend being brave enough to say to me what needed to be said. But most of all — I’m proud of myself for showing up. Yoga will be part of life going forward, and the journey couldn’t be more rewarding!

I am currently taking 1-3 classes a week, depending on my work schedule. I am a huge fan of Anna Lindstrom and her classes of Flow 60 and Fascia yoga. My other favorite instructor is Meghan Caulfield and her class of Flow & Yin 60. As time allows I’ll keep experimenting with other classes and instructors. I have just dabbled most of my life, but the package you offered was within my budget which allows me the freedom to be consistent and experience different techniques. That is so huge for me.

There is maybe another facet of life that makes me want to take care of my health. In my early 20’s I had back surgery on my L5, L4, L3. The doctor didn’t know if I would ever lead a normal life because of the nerve damage. The one thing I have found is if you keep the muscles strong and stretch it is amazing what you can overcome, not always pain free, but more of a normal life then one would think. By this summer I should be a happy yoga, hiking queen!

Instructor Anna Lindstrom: “Sunni is a stellar example of letting go of the idea of being “enough”, strong enough, flexible enough, whatever enough, and meeting herself where she is and starting to just do the work. She has become a dedicated practitioner, and always with a smile. Her heart was always more than enough, and it is a privilege to call her friend.”