Jenny C. | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Jenny C.

I got started at Dragonfly about 10 years ago after always driving by and wanting to try hot yoga.

My previous yoga experience was pretty random, I tried different classes usually with a friend. Never “officially” signed up for anything before coming to Dragonfly.

I really enjoy the variety of classes that Dragonfly has to offer. I’ve been able to try new things and push myself out of my comfort zone. I also really like all the people that I’ve met through the years of practicing there. Everyone from the front desk, to the awesome instructors, and friendly people I see every time I take a class.

I’ve actually seen a big improvement in my energy level, feel like I’ve been able to fight off whatever germs the kids bring home from school, and an overall positive effect on my mental health and whatever chaos life throws at me. I also noticed that I needed a belt for my jeans the other day, so that’s a nice benefit from all my hard work as well.

Currently I’m on a streak of attending yoga for 69 weeks – 3 times a week and the last 19 weeks have been attending class 5 times a week. I like a variety of Power Flow, Yoga Up, and Flow classes. Each one challenges me in a different way and I like the variety of personalities of the instructors.

I’m a mom to 4 boys ages 22-10 years old. It’s become an important focus of mine to be healthy not just for myself but my family as well. I’ve really become committed to my yoga practice and schedule my classes at 9:00 AM and then plan my day around it. I’ve also become a lot more interested in learning about other things that can affect my health like sleep, eating more protein, and adding more strength training to my daily life. I really feel that Dragonfly and the practice of yoga has brought an overall positive change to mine and my family’s lives. In 2024, I’m thinking about trying a 30 day challenge and one of my Yoga goals has always been to be able to do a headstand.

Instructor Shawn Smith: “Jenny has been a regular in my M/W flows for quite some time now. Jenny has developed a weekly habit of practicing yoga up to 5 times a week. She tracks her yoga classes and has the most incredible yoga streak which I’m sure she will share with us. Because Jenny has made her practice a non negotiable item in her weekly life she has seen so many incredible benefits. She has challenged herself to take various classes and upped her weights in the UP classes as well! She has also signed up for the Inversion class so that she can work on her headstand practice.”