Addison P. | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Addison P.

I started at Dragonfly when one of my friends convinced me to take advantage of the intro month deal! As a college student, it seemed like a great way to de-stress from my hectic schedule and exercise in a great environment.

I had very minimal yoga experience before Dragonfly, so the classes at the studio are what made me fall in love!

I always leave Dragonfly classes with a smile on my face, and I really enjoy getting the opportunity to move my body in such a positive and motivating environment! I love the way that Dragonfly provides a space for me to forget about other stressors in my life and take time to focus on what makes me happy for an hour. Dragonfly has so many different class options, so no matter what I’m in the mood for, there’s always a class that will provide me with exactly what I’m looking for!

Since starting at Dragonfly, I have gotten much better at honoring my body and choosing things that bring me joy – all of which are integral parts of yoga. I’ve also gotten much more flexible and comfortable trying new inversions and balance postures.

I try to attend classes 4-5 times per week! I love taking advantage of the variety of classes offered at Dragonfly but some of my favorites are Colleen’s Flow, Sierra’s Core Flow, and Nassim’s Flow and Lift classes! They’re all so fun and provide such unique challenges and amazing playlists :)