Sun Prairie Yogi of the Month: Dawn Peterson | Dragonfly Hot Yoga Madison WI

Sun Prairie Yogi of the Month: Dawn Peterson

How did you get started at Dfly?
I was in a place mentally and physically where I needed to feel better. I have 3 boys, and I want to be able to play with them and be around for them for a long time. I quit my job last year to stay home with my kids. My incredible husband had taken some classes at Dfly. He encouraged me to make some healthy goals, including going with him to a Dfly class. I fell in love with how the yoga and community made me feel.

What was your yoga/BarreAmped experience before Dfly?
I had done some yoga at home with various beginner videos. I had also done mindfulness classes, but honestly did not have much yoga experience before Dfly.

What do you enjoy most from attending Dfly classes?
The variety! I love that I can go to Flow or Yoga Up or Yin and hit on different areas of my physical and mental health.

Have you experienced any changes in your total well-being since taking classes?
Absolutely! I have chronic migraines, and I’ve found Dfly classes are one important aspect of helping me keep my muscles stretched out in such a way to keep my migraines at bay! I also have increased strength, flexibility, and energy.

How often do you attend classes? Favorite class?
I like to attend 5-7 classes a week but that varies as my family schedule fluctuates. Some weeks I can only come 1-2 times. It’s hard to pick a fav class, but I really enjoy Flow & Yin because I get both in one class. That said, I just tried Circut Up which was really fun and super challenging.

Please feel free to share any other thoughts you have about Dfly, hot yoga, or your life as we would love to know more about you.
I love to travel and visit the beach. I recently got to check off my top bucket list item of going to Hawaii! We also like going to Disney World as a family and absolutely love Disney Cruises. It’s been fun getting to know more yogis and feel welcomed coming to classes. So, if you see me please feel free to say “Hi.” I’d love to chat.